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Graphic Design and Art Direction


Your project deserves impressive and eye-catching visual effects. We offer complete production design, art direction, animation, digital compositing, paint and digital graphic design services.

Digital painting, compositing, 2D and 3D animation are just a few of the effects KPBS can create and manipulate to enhance your video or program. Contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule your project.

Here are a few examples of what our KPBS broadcast designer can do for your next project:

Design Services:

Production Design- Unifying production elements.
Designing set and graphic elements, finding locations. Developing a consistent look for your production using the design process.

Art Direction- Opening the doors to new creative possibilities. Art direction is helpful for anyone who is looking for innovative solutions to their communication problems. An experienced art director can guide you through the limitless world of possibilities to a solution that is right for you and your project.

Graphic Design- creating original title designs, logos design, charts, graphs and maps. Suitable for broadcast, video, print and web applications

Production Services:

On-Air graphics packages for broadcast television

Show Openers- animating and compositing design elements. Synchronization of sound and imagery.

Television Spot Design- concept to completion, production of distinctive television advertising spots and promotional campaigns.

Technological Visualization- 3D computer animations for medicine, science, architecture/planning, forensics

DVD Menus- full motion video menus for your DVD production

Lower Third title designs

Credit Rolls

Visual Effects Services

3D Computer Visual Effects – Particle systems for simulating rain, smoke and fire, fluid dynamics for simulating water, oceans waves

3D character animation- Development and animation of 3D characters

3D pre-visualization- Develop your ideas on the computer before you shoot

Rotoscoping– for digitally painting over moving video

Green screen Digital Composition- Take advantage of the large shooting spaces available at KPBS through Video Production Services

Restoration & Cleanup- using digital paint and color correction techniques to improve the quality of your footage.

The KPBS digital graphic design suite is loaded with state-of-the-art equipment including:

• (2) Silicon Graphics (SGI) Octane Computers w/ Dual processors Open GL graphics acceleration
• (1) Sun Solaris UNIX Workstation w/Exabye digital tape backup
• (1) Intergraph Windows Graphics Workstation w/dual Intel Processors, Open GL graphics acceleration
• (1) Boxx Technologies 3D Workstation w/dual Intel Processors, Open GL graphics acceleration
• (4) IBM LINUX Rendernode Servers
• (2) Boxx XP Rendernode Servers w/dual Intel Processors
• (1) Accom WSD/HDX HDTV and 601 digital disk recorder
• (1) Accom 2Extreme ccir 601 digital disk recorder
• (4) Chyron Maxine Character Generators
• Three Terabytes of networked shared fibre channel storage
• Eight Terabytes of networked local storage
• High Resolution Image Scanning-with our AGFA digital scanner

• AliasWavefront Maya Unlimited (* Academy Award winning technology) - The leading software for digital content creators producing award-winning 3D animation and visual effects.
• Discreet Flame Image Integrator (* Academy Award winning technology) - World-renowned visual effects and compositing for high resolution film, HDTV or standard definition video.
• Discreet Smoke Expert Editor - An all-in-one integrated creative editing and finishing solution. HDTV and 601 standard resolution
• Discreet 3ds max - The world's most popular animation, modeling and rendering solution for film, television, games and design visualization.
• Discreet Burn- Networked rendering application
• Discreet Combustion - A powerful, resolution-independent, vector paint, animation and compositing solution for multi-format work from the web to video and HDTV to feature film.
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Liberty Paint - A 2D paint system which interfaces with the Chyron text generators.


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