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Satellite Services


Cover the Nation or the Globe Via Satellite Television!

Satellite Teleconferencing emerged more than a decade ago as business professionals and educators sought new ways to teach, train and introduce new products or simply to communicate more effectively at a lower cost. By using satellite communications and fiber optic technology, you can communicate information across town or around the globe - all with improved results. Enhance the effectiveness of your message with eye-catching graphics, well-designed sets and live action video. KPBS Teleconferences are interactive – during live broadcasts viewers can ask questions and get immediate answers. We can even broadcast in multiple languages.

Satellite teleconferencing is technology used to send a one-way video broadcast from one site to many sites through the use of satellite equipment. This one-way video broadcast is made interactive through the use of telephones and fax machines. Satellite teleconferencing is a one-way video, two-way audio experience where participants can see and hear the presenter, but cannot be seen by the presenter.

KPBS Video Production Services can arrange for satellite time and uplink your program to the satellite at the time of your broadcast. We have broad experience providing domestic and international point-to-point and point-to-multipoint mutli-language teleconference services. Our skilled staff can provide complete production and pre-production services. Contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule your project.

Satellite Uplink/Downlink Applications:

Business Television: KPBS Business Television empowers you to train employees or reach important stockholders in diverse locations. From our studios your training staff or senior management can communicate with an unlimited number of sites all over the world.

Distance Learning: Present your curriculum or seminar to an unlimited number of viewers all worldwide from one convenient location. With satellite teleconferencing, viewers in remote sites will receive the benefits of courses without ever leaving their locale.

Satellite Media Tours (SMT): Your client can be interviewed by TV stations all over the world from the comfort of one of our studios. Whether you are introducing a new product or responding to a crisis, promoting an issue or establishing credibility, a KPBS "S.M.T." provides the unparalleled impact of television for a fraction of the cost of airfare alone.

Video News Release (VNR): A VNR is the television version of the printed press release, only a VNR has the advantage of compelling video that appeals to clients, newsrooms and general audiences. KPBS can produce and transmit a video news release that effectively conveys information about your new product, event or breaking news with the immediacy of satellite.

Live Events: KPBS provides technical coordination, satellite or fiber transmission and/or video production of your live event, conference, meeting or special occasion. Whether you want to reach three or 300 sites, you can reach them all with the timeliness, convenience and interactivity that only satellite teleconferencing can deliver.


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