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Balboa Park To Host First 'Make Music San Diego' Festival

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June 18, 2015 1:27 p.m.

A Day Filled With Music In Balboa Park


Andy Horwitz, director, Make Music San Diego

Yale Strom, violinist, Hot Pstromi

Mark Danisovsky, accordionist, Hot Pstromi

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Joining me to talk about the event are Andy were it he's director of making music San Diego welcome Andy.
Thank you. Strom is a violinist with hot pastrami taking part in making music day.
Thank you. This is the first year for the making music in San Diego. Make music day has been around for a while can you tell us about that?
This. It started as a music festival in France. He has since spread to over 700 cities and over 100 countries. It's every June 21 every summer solstice. Is that any significant -- significance the summer solstice? I'm not quite sure, have to ask us a lot of say the years you can get the most music and prove
What is Balboa going to look out on that day.
Is going to be filled with music and music events and musical performers be much any entrance you come in there be something going on. Who have things at the pauses in the gardens and a different public spaces. We have been working with city parks and rec to activate every space.
Is this part of the Centennial in some way?
Yes. We first started thinking about how to do in San Diego, with our partners is also good to be having events that day. It wasn't until we started talking about Balboa Park that really started to come into focus. It's just going to be the whole park.
When you say the whole park filled with musicians, what types of music will be here?
Everything from hot pastrami to sunny Africa to hadn't -- Latin to expand mental music, a handmade marimba installation by artists. Every type of music you can imagine. Opera, fiddle playing, Opera? Yes. I got lucky we talked to the San Diego Opera and they are going to come to their Opera expose program in the process of people can get a chance to learn about how opera singers make their voices sound like that
That's the city. I know you'll participate, tell us a little bit about the type of music you will be playing for the
Will play klezmer music. That's the Yiddish Hebrew term for Yiddish and should mental folk music. For those who may not know, a custom Eastern Europe and mixes Middle Eastern modalities. We'll keep it at the. Sometimes they can be sad but we would keep it danceable.
Upbeat klezmer.[ Laughter ] You'll be playing with Mark and dignity right now?
Yes. We would do a Hasidic melody the mystical side of Judaism. It comes from it got parents home town site have to go part learned this one. I just heard my father play it or sing it.
Music back -- these it back -- [ Music ]