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Old Globe Presents Summer Shakespeare Films

June 25, 2015 10:01 a.m.

Barry Edelstein, artistic director, Old Globe
Beth Accomando, arts and culture reporter, KPBS

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HOST INTRO: It’s summer so that means Shakespeare takes the stage at the Old Globe Theatre. But for their 80th anniversary the Globe is adding a twist to the Summer Shakespeare season – films. Artistic director Barry Edelstein has chosen 4 film adaptations of the Bard to screen on four Monday nights over the summer beginning this Monday with Laurence Olivier’s Henry V. KPBS arts reporter and Shakespeare enthusiast sat down with Barry Edelstein to discuss the films that they will take turns introducing.

TAG: Henry V screens Monday at 8:15pm on the Lowell Davies Festival Stage with an introduction by Beth Accomando. Admission is free but you must RSVP at 619-234-5623.