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39: Psychoanalyzing 'The Babadook'

October 16, 2015 4:41 p.m.

Episode 39: Psychoanalyzing 'The Babadook'

Psychoanalyst Cris Powell has worked with abused and traumatized children. She turns a professional eye on 'The Babadook' as a study of grief and loss.

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Welcome back to the kpbs cinema junkie podcast I’m Beth Accomando and today we are going to visit psychoanalyst Cris Powell…

Powell’s office has low soothing lighting, a soothing waterfall sculpture, and shelves and shelves of items I scan through to fill my bowl with objects for my sand play.

Powell writes under the pen name of Cate Shepherd and will soon have a new young adult book out called Dragon Camp that teaches many of the same concepts that were woven into her earlier book Emotional Orphans.Dragon Camp is a place where highly sensitive, high intensity, and misunderstood young dragons go to get support, learn how to manage their fire breathing tendencies and actualize their awesome dragon potential.

Powell seemed the perfect person to discuss the 2014 horror film The Babadook. Spiler alert though, we are going to discuss the film in detail so we can see how this boogeyman tale is actually a cleverly crafted exploration of grief and loss as well as a look at a dysfunctional mother-child relationship.

The trailer for the film plays up the boogeyman aspect of the story

But The Babadook creature is the MacGuffin of the story, it’s what the film seems to be about but isn’t. So let’s talk with Powell for some psychological insights into Jennifer Kent’s brilliant horror film.

Thanks for listening to the KPBS cinema junkie podcast. Check back every week for new episodes featuring film reviews, interviews, and discussions. Every Friday in October the topic will be horror. Next week I will take you behind the scenes of Re-Animator the Musucal. You can also catch up with my podcasts about Clive Barker and Surgeon’s Hall Museum, a macabre and fascinating surgical museum.

So till our next film fix, I’m Beth Accomando your resident cinema junkie.