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Supervisor Dave Roberts To Face Encinitas Mayor In November

June 8, 2016 1:48 p.m.

Supervisor Dave Roberts Expected To Face Encinitas Mayor In November


Dave Roberts, supervisor district 3, San Diego County Board of Supervisors

Kristin Gaspar, candidate district 3, San Diego County Board of Supervisors

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This is KPBS midday edition. Our political analyst, Carl Luna and Thad are helping us through this hour of election returns . The one competitive San Diego supervisors race will feature Dave Roberts facing Kristin Gaspar. Dave Roberts was the top vote getter with 39 percent followed by Kristin Gaspar with 34. Joining me is Roberts. To the program.
Thank you, glad to be here -- welcome to the program.
Thank you, glad to be here.
What are you going to be doing to get your numbers up by November?
Actually, this was a great victory and it shows how much the voters supported my initiative and want me to stay a supervisor. I have such negative campaigns funded by outside interest. Republican parties supported one candidate and special interest groups supported the other. They all came at me and to come out in such a strong first-place finish shows I'm the one that the voters want to stay in this race.
Dave, you are seeing this as a big victory so do you think the allegations of mismanagement in your office will continue to be a campaign issue up until November?
I think outside special interest continue to do that because they have nothing else to talk about and they know that my opponent doesn't have the skills I have, doesn't have the success story, can't work in a bipartisan fashion like I have for the last 4 years. I think the voters can clearly see what this is all about. It is really about the future control of the Board of Supervisors and are we going to continue to make the progress we have made or are we going to head back and have people that want to pave over our countryside and really destroy our quality of life. I am standing strong. I'm fighting for my constituents and I will continue to do that.
Dave Roberts. I appreciate your time.
Kristin bar I spoke with earlier -- Kristin Gaspar, I spoke with earlier today here's the interview .
You came out the winner to challenge Dave Roberts in November. How do you think the 2 -- two-way race is going to be different from what you had in the primary?
It will be interesting to run in a two-way race. I look forward to the challenge ahead over the next couple of months. I think the ability to focus in the messaging is a -- important. When you have 2 individuals it makes it easier to get your message across.
You have criticized Roberts consistently over the alleged misdeeds in his office. To you think he will continue to do that up until November?
I will continue to hold him accountable for his actions while in office because I believe strongly that we need to expect more from our elected officials, that we need people to operate with the highest level of ethics and integrity while in office. There's just no denying that even if you're willing to dismiss everything else, his inability to manage his workplace with the distraction to the office -- was a distraction to the office and resulted in 2 probably close to half $1 million of taxpayers money wasted to settle disputes and legal claims and it is really unfortunate for the people in District 3 because half $1 million could go a long way toward other important issues in the region.