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San Diego’s Minimum Wage Measure Wins Easily

June 8, 2016 2:15 p.m.

San Diego's Minimum Wage Measure Wins Easily


Dale Kelly Bankhead, secretary-treasurer, San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council

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All of the city propositions on the ballot were approved by voters. Props letter a through G were noncontroversial changes to the language of city charter and prop letter I were voters in San Diego approved opposition letter I which boosted the cities minimum wage to 1050 an hour up again to 1150 next January. It also extends earned 6 days to a minimum of 5 days a year. The center for policy initiatives was great supporter of that particular proposition. On the line with me is Dale Kelly Bankhead of CPI. Dale, welcome.
Hi. I'm glad to be here. Just a slight correction I'm with the San Diego and Imperial labor Council and CPI was our partner in achieving this great victory for working people.
Since the state has boosted the minimum wage, the state has boosted it to $15 an hour by 2022, many people thought the city boost to the minimum wage would it be supported by voters. So, why do you think it was?
Well, I think the overwhelming number of San Diego voters were very clear that this step was needed in order to ensure that workers in San Diego who earn minimum wage aren't forced to live in poverty. We know how very expensive it is to be here -- live here in San Diego . This will enable families to come a little closer to being able to make ends meet. Although the 15 will be welcome when it comes into place, that is not going to be for a couple of years. Here in San Diego we're going to have a better quality of life for our own neighbors during that interim period of time.
Think he. Dale Kelly I have to end up their. Thank you so much for joining us. I appreciate it.
Ink you.-- thank you here
Tell us a little bit about who came out to vote yesterday?
Not as much as you might ink. If you look around the country and blue and red states you are seeing a push toward -- think . If you look around the country in blue and red states you are seeing a push toward minimum wage. The chamber of commerce took a loss on that one. They are the ones that worked hard to get that on the ballot in the first place to validate what the city Council had done
The revenue is going to build up over time but it is a floor, not a ceiling. We are doing plenty right now and we are going to keep doing more.
Thank you for your time complement.