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Faulconer Takes On Gov. Brown's Parole Initiative

July 13, 2016 1:34 p.m.

Faulconer Takes On Gov. Brown's Parole Initiative


Andrew Bowen, metro reporter, KPBS News

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This is KBS -- KPBS Midday Edition I am Maureen Cavanaugh. It is Wednesday, July 13. Our top story San Diego Mayor Kevin -- Kevin Faulconer step forward as a main opponent of Proposition 57.
Every victim of a crime deserves to see their assailant served time behind bars. We are here because California deserves better and cities across California deserve better. Better than a missed leading measure that is headed toward the November ballot.
The measure is supported by Jerry Brown and would make nonviolent felons eligible for parole earlier than they are now. Political watchman said this opposition will give Kevin Faulconer a platform as a when of California's most prominent Republican politicians. Joining me is Andrew Bowen.
What were the main reasons that Kevin Faulconer said he is taking the stand against Proposition 57 ?
He said that everyone agrees that finding ways to rehabilitate criminals and encourage that rebuild Tatian is honorable and something that we should be doing. This measure simply doesn't do it or there are too many flaws to make it better for California. He said that given the chance for early parole could re-victimized the victims of some of the crimes. He said that Californians would be surprised to know what some crimes are actually considered nonviolent. Things like he mentioned human trafficking, burglary I believe is another when that could be technically considered a nonviolent crime undercovered a lot. He basically said it is misleading.
Who was also at this news conference.
There was desert attorneys for better and Merced counties and also the president of the District attorneys Association Steve Wagstaffe. I think the most striking person was Mark laughs. He is the father of the kidnapping rape and murder victim Polly Klaas. He has become a outspoken opponent of the rights of victims of crimes.
You said two district attorneys were there, but not send it was district attorney body tremendous?
She actually supports proposition 57 and that's also because of something else that the speakers at the press conference did not address and that is giving the authority to prosecute juveniles as adults switching the authority from prosecutors and DAs over to judges. They said that is not what of their main concerns but that is something that California needs.
So here and send it to we have a Mayor was taken a stand against this issue and the county's chief law enforcement officer that supports it. That is a curious situation.
I suppose it is.
Politically this -- is this an interesting move for Kevin Faulconer They have said that he once ran for governor for California in 2018. He said he does not want to but he's like this only landmark credibility to that speculation. It would give him a chance to go around the state and increases profile and meets with more donors to conserve causes. He is the mayor of the second largest city in the state. He has not in law enforcement and when you have a list of proponents or opponents and to a certain measure and they are all from police or prosecutors I think that somebody who might favored this more rehabilitation focused approach to reducing crime might be skeptical of it but having a politician it does sort of land were diversity to the voices in opposition to this pop --
Is Kevin Faulconer intended to become the face of opposition now for Prop 57?
That is unclear. Is certainly is possible. I asked him what of this aids if he had any money left over from his reelection campaign and if he would plan on using some of that money to fund the opposition to Prop 57. They said that a decision had not been made.
I have been speaking with Andrew Bowen. Thank you very much.