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Can Clinton And Sanders Supporters Get On The Same Page?

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July 27, 2016 1:19 p.m.

Can Clinton And Sanders Supporters Get On The Same Page?


Marisa Lagos, political reporter, KQED

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Democrats nominated the first woman to become a major party presidential candidate last night at the Democratic National Convention. Speakers, including former president Bill Clinton, painted Hillary Clinton if they change maker. The speakers tonight include vice presidential pick Tim Kaine and President Barack Obama. Joining me if political reporter Marisa Lagos at the DMC -- DNC in Philadelphia. Let's talk about the nominating vote yesterday. Was a clear at first that Bernie Sanders template such a decisive role in it?
We started to hear rumors that that might happen. But at the convention you never know until it occurs. It became clear as it got closer to Vermont. They were going around the hall alphabetically. We saw Bernie Sanders and it became excited -- it became exciting because it became a parent he was going to do the vote . It became like a rock concert at that point.
We have a clip of Hillary -- burning sent -- Sanders speaking.
I move that all boats cast by delegates be reflected in the official record. And I move that Hillary Clinton be selected as the nominee of the Democratic party for president of the United States. [ Applause ].
We know the California delegation has been a focal point for the burning movement. -- Bernie movement.
We are not seeing as many protest as we were earlier. The lockout took over the media for a while last night. But you heard the apply in the hall. There is a moment of coming together that is happening. A lot of people are still not thrilled in the Bernie camp that he is not the nominee. But I think the anger we were hearing earlier this week is starting to wane.
Virginia Governor indicated that Clinton would support a trade agreement that was not supported by Sanders supporters. That cannot help the unity issue.
I was shaking my head about that today. I think you're right. I think every time something like that comes up it adds more fuel to the fire within the -- to the people within the Bernie camp . That said, I do think that was one of many issues people talk about in support of Sanders. I think with the nominee, herself, says will be very important and how she and the people behind her respond to the damaging emails that came out against her last week.
Speaking of the emails, have you heard any reaction from the delegates about Trump stating that he encouraged the Russians to hack into the e-mail of Hillary Clinton?
Everybody here has been shaking their head since the idea of rushing -- Russia being involved was mentioned. Security experts have said that might have happened and now we have the comments from Trump. Someone asked me if we were in a Spike movie. The anger we hear -- we were in a spy movie. It is something that you here when the Hillary Clinton people talk as to another reason they want to see her become president in November.
Let's go to Bill Clinton last night.
For this time, Hillary is uniquely qualified to speed the opportunities and reduce the risks we take and she is still the best darn change maker I have ever known. [ Applause ] you could drop her into any trouble spot, pick one, come back in one month and somehow, someway, she will have made it better. It is just who she is.
Reporter: Did the speech from Bill Clinton help Hillary among some of the delegates, do you think?
I think hearing Bill Clinton speak is that this will be one more reason to like them. If they don't like the Clinton family, I don't think it convinced anybody. It was a long speech. People who are Clinton delegates were very happy with it. I have not heard anything from the side of Bernie camp that made them change their mind .
Tonight we have Tim Kaine, Joe Biden and President Barack Obama speaking at the Democratic National Convention tonight. Thank you so much Marie Seth for your time.
My pleasure.