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San Diego Police Officer Killed, Another Wounded In Shooting

July 29, 2016 1:13 p.m.

San Diego Police Officer Killed, Another Wounded In Shooting


Andrew Bowen, reporter, KPBS News

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Many questions are unanswered in the deadly shooting of a San Diego police officer. San Diego County Gun Owners PAC describes how to alter weapons to get around on relations. This is KPBS Midday Edition. I'm Maureen Cavanaugh. It's Friday, July 29. In our top story in Chile Simmons news conference there was new information. There were many details left unanswered. As you just heard the officer who died was identified as officer Johnathan DeGuzman the wounded policeman is weighed or when. One suspect is in critical condition the house of a possible suspect has been surrounded. Joining me is Metro reporter Andrew Bowen. One question is how did this incident happened. What did we learn about that?
Chiefs Zimmerman said the two officers had called in for backup. They had done what was reported as a step of -- traffic stop, she says she doesn't know it's unclear if this was a vehicle stop or pedestrian stop. Other than that, she said there still actively investigating and it could last several days.
One reporter asked if this was an ambush. What did the chief answer?
She said she cannot answer that question, that's on everyone's minds after the fatal shootings of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. At this point, it doesn't appear there is evidence or we don't have any to say this was an ambush.
These two police officers were identifies as member of San Diego's gang unit. How quickly did they call in an emergency quick
She said it was quick a matter of seconds.
Do we know why?
I can only assume it became very clear quickly the suspect was dangerous.
How were the police officers found?
They had called for backup and officers arrived on the scene. They both had gunshot wounds and officers who had arrived then transported them in a police vehicle to the hospital.
Is there body cam video?
There is. Chiefs Zimmerman said there is video footage. It's safe to say, that footage will not be released anytime soon, it still part of an S -- active investigation.
Chief similar -- Zimmerman referred to the officer.
He is a loving, caring husband father, he talked about his family all the time. I personally worked with him as a Lieutenant. I know him. This is gutwrenching. He cared. He came to work every day wanting to make a positive difference in our community. Last night he lost his life trying to make a positive difference and protect our community.
You can really hear the emotion in Chiefs Zimmerman's voice. One thing that struck me, as soon as the press conference started all the officers who walked into the room were dressed in black uniforms.
There is a suspect in custody, what do we know?
He was identified as an Hispanic male, he had a gunshot wound to his upper torso. I asked if he is expected to survive and chief said that the information she has, he is expected to survive.
Any idea what led police to this suspect in Shelltown?
I did hear some speak in the -- among the reporters there was a blood trail. I think it's too early to say if that's going to be confirmed.
We will bring you updates on this story on KPBS news through the day. I've been speaking with Andrew Bowen, KPBS reporter.