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Chargers To Lease Office Space In Costa Mesa For Team Headquarters

December 27, 2016 12:35 p.m.

Chargers To Lease Office Space In Costa Mesa For Team Headquarters


Jay Paris, sports columnist, Mighty 1090

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R's top story on the day addition, the annual holiday bowl festivities started with a big parade this morning. But when Washington state and Minnesota meet this afternoon, lots of San Diego football fans may have another upcoming game on their minds. The San Diego Chargers meet the Kansas City Chiefs on New Year's Day for what could possibly be their last game at QUALCOMM. Joining me is Jay Paris, sports columnist with the mighty 1090. Welcome.
Good to see you.
The latest news is that the Chargers have leased space for a possible headquarters and training facility at Costa mesa. So is there moved to LA now a done deal.
I don't think it is a done deal until the beacons of May for our wrestling that contract. They are putting their ducks in a row. The have a signed agreement to go to LA. Dean Spanos said quite clearly there was no plan B when Measure C went down. We will take his word at that. It seems like every indication is that we will go 130 miles north. There is still a lot of -- a few cards to be played before that actually happens. To tell you the truth, I don't know if Dean Spanos knows what he says right now.
We hear about Costa Mesa facility, and then there is also owner Dean Spanos meeting with the mayor and the county supervisor, [ INDISCERNIBLE ] President Elliot Hirshman. Could that be a sign of progress for the Chargers state?
I think so. If nothing else, they are talking. Remember, for half the year last year the San Diego Chargers were not at the table. Then leading up to this Measure C which was baffling to me that the public works project of that magnitude do not have everybody on board before it went forward, something that that has to have everybody rolling that in the same direction. I was a bit curious to me. That Measure C stuff. I don't think every card has been played. The NFL could step in at any time and change the rules. He has a January 15 deadline which is written in specific beach sand. It is the NFL. The change the rules. They can do whatever they want. I think the real key is, does the NFL want the eighth largest city in the nation. Does the NFL want an international city to expand to grow the pie as they say. Of the NFL were a city where they can have a Super Bowl and the fan experience could be such at a premium. Does the NFL want that. And if they do, and needs to step up. It is like the old saying, why did the bank robber go to the bank, that is where the money is. So while we're talking to the San Diego stay, which what is he going to do. How long would it take to get money from the state of California. It is not like they are sitting on a bunch of money over there. There talking to Councilman. That is great, but I think the citizens spoke loud and clear. We are not going to subsidize this. How many times do we have to tell you. How many times are you going to threaten us from leaving. If you accept that and look for other avenues of funding, maybe you can make that happen. Nobody has more funding than a 50 bollard -- $15 billion industry.
How do you think the San Diego fans are taking this?
They have been slapped in the face way too many times. All they have done for the Dean Spanos family is attorney $70 million investment into a to point to our billion-dollar asset. They about tickets, jerseys, they have invested emotionally and financially and what is the payoff? We are out of here. You are not good enough. Than the policy of last year when they were contemplating the moved to Carson with the Oakland Raiders. That was the big haymaker to charger fans. I know people have the lightning bolt tattooed on their ankle, and they were turned off. So when you start losing those people, it is a concern. There was not a big deep well of support for the charges to begin with, and it seems like they are poisoned most of that over the last year.
Talk about poison. The way the Chargers have played this year is part of that.
I think so. That also is another reason to give charger fans a pat on the back instead of saying you do not deserve this team. I think they went eight straight years without making the playoffs once. They went seven years without make the playoffs another time. Currently they are going to miss the playoffs now for six times out of the last seven seasons despite having a Hall of Fame quarterback. So to look at that and look at the wins and losses and the product they are putting on the field, for you to blame the patrons for not spending their money on your product because you are offering a shoddy product, that is ludicrous.
From what you said before, you don't seem to think this January 15 deadline for the charges to decide whether or not to join the Rams in LA is written in stone.
Right. It can be massaged, but I also think the other 29 are getting Stadium really -- worthy as well. Is Mr. Spanos going to make a decision at some point whether to stay or go? If he is going to go, he is going to go. If San Diego -- is that the NFL got too expensive for San Diego, that is that. People will be upset. Will people have their hearts ripped out? Sure. I wanted to people all the time you tell me their grandfather took them to the game or every Sunday they went to El Cajon and watch the game. Those people will be heartbroken. But they are not going to take the beaches and whether, or there would be an absolute revolt.
Last word today should be about the holiday bowl. Do you expect a good game?
I do. Washington state will throw the ball all around the place. They are very fun to watch. Very likely. Minnesota is coming after a threatening to boycott the game over sexual harassment charges to some of the players on their team. So we will see what kind of mindset they have. The holiday bowl is a tradition of being a high-scoring fun affair. More importantly, inputs heads on police -- has on pillows for the hotel guys at a slow time of year.
I have been speaking with Jay Paris, author of the new book the game of my life charges. Thank you so much.