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First Person: Encinitas Woman Uses Tibetan Bowls To Heal Others

January 23, 2017 1:31 p.m.

First Person: Encinitas Woman Uses Tibetan Bowls To Heal Others


Diáne Mandle, Tibetan bowl sound healing practitioner

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Sound can delight us and some can reverberate through our bodies. Deanne is a sound healer. She believes the percussive sounds she creates by playing music can take away pain and stress. In this episode of our first-person series, she describes how the sounds of the ancient bowls have changed her life.
My name is Deanne. Imus sounds artists. I'm an author and a sound healing practitioner in California.
New stick Mac they are made out of the metal alloy. It is gold and silver and mere greet and lead and copper and iron. It is from meteorite deposits. These instruments were made from metals that were collected many years ago they produce a whole range of harmonics, many of which we cannot hear with the human ear but they are transmitted into our bodies. The way the bowls were made in antiquity was that they were created in communities and the mentalist would go out into the area and collect the metals and bring them back and melt them and pound them into shapes and sound while the monks were resigning blessings into them. The ancient bowls have this heritage.
[ MUSIC ] I was working as a regional director of the American cancer society. I wanted to do something that felt more visceral where I was really feeling like I was helping individuals, rather than be in a management situation. What I learned how to work with the bowls and I saw the affect, I knew that this was something that I could integrate into the practice that I was already doing, which was a form of energy. It is coaching. I knew because of my own experience, how deeply affective and how bad -- fast I was able to get out of my head it into a relaxed and clear sense of where I was and what I needed to do.
After having studied for two and half years on the East Coast with a Tibetan Buddhist teacher, I moved to California because I felt that this was the place where I could more easily integrate the modalities that I was working with. With a focus on the sound healing, I've been practicing this for 16 years.
I had a patient who came in when I was working at the cancer sent the. She had a lot of pain in her body and was going to do a different presentation and she could not do the presentation because the paint. I did a sound healing session on her. She said you are better than Vicodin and you can quote me on that. She had no pain. She successfully gave her presentation. Why started, I was a single mom, working full time. I was stressed out and I had high blood pressure. It might've been two years within my one pressure was completely changed. I am a more compassionate and tolerant human being. One of the great gifts the bowls have given me personally is the ability to be in the present moment and to be in a situation. At the same time, see it from a birds eye view. I have a larger perspective as I am going through something. That has helped me to respond to life in a better way.
That report was produced by Megan. Deanne will perform in concert and send it, January at IBM at the Japanese friendship Garden. There is more information that can be found on .