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San Diego Class Shows Dogs Are Naturals At Meditation

March 7, 2017 10:58 a.m.

Meditation is becoming more common in helping people learn to calm down and worry less. But a six-week Wellbeing for Dogs + Their Humans class in La Jolla is taking the practice a step further, teaching meditation to dogs alongside their human companions.

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You probably will not be suppressed about another meditation class starting up in San Diego. The practice is been one more comment tell people from all walks of life but what about meditation for dogs? Here is the story.
Breath in. And out. Open your eyes whenever you are ready.
Breathing for mindfulness and tranquility a small group dollars weekly for a meditation class in La Jolla. There are a few extra guests that make this class a little bit different.
A group of dogs lying near their humans who are sitting on patients on the floor. Yes this is a meditation class for dogs. Julie is with her big shaggy dog metal line.
They think it is supercool and they want to do it to you.
How I mindfully approach what I think they need how they are run into the door and embarking and figure out instead of just yelling at them his anxiety are you nervous -- I think it is just kind of a more humane lovely way to be an animal owner.
The six week classes motel pumas better understand their animals through meditation and mindful practice. The teacher also instructs attendees on how to identify the dogs three different energies believed to circulate knowing the dogs energy needs humans can provide them with the appropriate sounds which is whether they like the common music. They also learned to massage her dogs. They really loved this meeting and see whether they prefer calming or invigorating spells.
But definitely will turn away.
When it comes to meditation dogs are naturals. Lives in a state of presence which means that is what meditation really is and releasing the memories in the past and that pots in the future.
They are so pleasant and relaxed that they spend much of the time that they have to sleep. The dogs meditative trance is broken. --
I sometimes
Reporter: That have our minds with that is just remote like dogs when we would all be broken in class.
They have gone from the lectern and try to much more comfortable in the setting and more comfortable with people coming up on them.
The class is more about making the humans, and teaching them how to better understand their dogs. Julie the cumin companion to the big shaggy dog says it has boosted their bond.
By the end of the class of this anti-means human and canine alike have explored their senses and sat in the present moment. No barking, no whining. Just a state of calm KPBS news.