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The Political Fallout Of The Failed GOP Health Care Bill

March 27, 2017 1:14 p.m.

The Political Fallout Of The Failed GOP Health Care Bill


Carl Luna, professor of political science, San Diego Mesa College

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Our top story on KPBS Midday Edition Republican say they are ready to move on after pulling the healthcare bill on Friday. The next issue the party wants to confront his tax reform. The political fallout from the field healthcare act may have widespread repercussions to the -- through 2018. Welcome to the program.
Nice to be here.
I think we have all heard of the factions that prevented the healthcare act from getting the boats it needed. Is in it hard for the party to just drop the effort? Negotiations on the reform bill go on.
This whole thing has been handled relatively oddly. The official act took the better part of 14 months to put together. Republicans that had seven years to dissemble it but they never really put anything together to do it. One would have thought you would've waited beyond driving assault to the date of the anniversary to get a bill passed in there is that old adage when at first you don't succeed you. Projects and go home.
Representatives like San Diego Congressman Darrell ISA were not clear about whether they will cast a vote in support of the Republican healthcare reform bill. Is that turning out to be good news for the representatives when the bill was pulled?
It is not produce for any Republican the way this whole thing played out because you are a party that ran for seven years on repeal and promises that on day one we would get the repeal in place and we fumbled the football and that makes the whole team look that. For Congressman Trent eight he was in a close race this last time around and he could be even closer this time. It does not make them look particularly strong. In some ways you will have to go home and face to face and explain why they did not get the job done.
A lot of people are taking credit or blame for the healthcare bill being pulled. Some say it was down to the conservative caucus whose members really do not want healthcare at all and others say it was the resistance protesters showing up at town halls and rallying to keep up on -- Obamacare.
There was all of that going on. The freedom caucus really wanted to see it destroyed. But did not want any Obamacare remanence left there were 30 folks that really counted on this. You also have moderate Republicans who did not hear from the town halls but also in interstate was receiving support. Their districts were receiving support over Obamacare and if he got rid of the whole thing they would be angry people and let's not forget the Senate where even with a -- simple majority have at least four or five Republican centimeters -- Senators who knew that this would affect them. The Republican Party is split left right and center and the Democrats are split center and left.
Democrats will work with him on healthcare reform he says. Is there anything about the way Democrats are reacting to the new President that will help that to happen.
I do not see the Democrats working with him on an Obamacare replacement. Is should a serious offer be made to fix some of the things that always needed to be fixed Democrats may step up and it will probably be up to them right now but this is what we did -- we would do ran right now to give everybody what they seem to be wanting some 60% of people did not like the proposed replacement and then locked up all right back to the Republican court. The Republican Party is the governing party no matter who you want to blame come the next election they will probably get most of it because they dropped the ball.
A curious thing happened that I wanted to ask you about. Resident Trump did not blame speaker Paul Ryan for the healthcare bill mess but this week in the president tweeted that people should watch the judge Schapiro show on Fox TV and on that show she called for Ryan to step down as speaker. What did you make of that?
It's an interesting pattern developing. When Boris Yeltsin was president of Russia he is to get rid of his prime ministers whenever he had a problem and it seems to be that this administration not the president directly is at least opening the window and asking others to push Congressman Ryan out. Remember John Weiner got pushed out by the caucus. I never thought it would be a dead end but it is increasingly looking like that.
The next on the agenda is tax reform but the next on the boat will be in the Senate on Supreme Court nominee Judge Gorsuch. GOP says that will change the rules to allow him to get through on a simple majority vote go how dangerous is this for both sides?
It is terribly dangerous. That basic order and the courtroom of the Senate is breaking down the tradition that you give every side a voice has been breaking down. Each party doesn't when they are in power and the other party complaints and this back-and-forth undermines legitimacy over who takes the court at this point. The fact that it came to this point without President Obama's nominee even getting a hearing will always take this position for them -- Republicans and then they do it to Democrats. They may be smart to filibuster a couple of rounds and reach some sort of consensus and release her caucus to vote on the nomination and holder ammunition for another one down the pipe but then I guess they may figure no matter what the Republicans are going to go nuclear so make them fair that right now.
Also the taxes have their own difficulties. The they go very far to the right back to the center and a lot of the savings that they were predicated tax form on were supposed to come from savings from a form of Obamacare which has not happened. There's lots of moving parts out there there are some things you can come together with on corporate tax rates which are generally seen as being too high but Democrats are in no mood to cooperate and the Republican caucus is fractured.
I have been speaking with Carl Luna from Mesa college. Thank you.