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Annual Hubbell House Tour In Julian Will Showcase New Foundation Building

April 18, 2017 10:48 a.m.

On Father's Day, the public can visit the Hubbell property near Julian, which is filled with examples of the architect's designs, including a brand new building for his Ilan-Lael Foundation.

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Coming up later this month fans of the artist and architect Jim Hubbell can go on tour of his work in San Diego and Tijuana.
Clear got a sneak peak of the space and brings us this story.
This is the home of James in and Hubbell. Back when I arrived at their home I am greeted by Marianne the director of the foundation. We are standing at a remote property near Julian that Hubbell has slowly filled with his creative designs over the last 60 years.
Curtis takes us on a tour of the property which starts with a small home he felt with his wife when they were first married in 1958.
When I tell people about the architecture here is you really see a progression of him as an artist when you tour this is. They built this one building at a time. They never borrowed any money to do the building here. The only built if they had a need for something. With that has given us is this wonderful and capsule of this progression as an artist.
It keeps similar fee -- themes. They are made with natural materials and have rounded corners and arches. So much so that visitors have compared the property to have it houses -- haunted houses and Lord of the rings.
People asking what style is it. Is he organic is a modern is he contemporary.
I think it is all of those things I just tell people he is Hubbell ask. They know exactly what I mean when I say that.
85-year-old is still an active designer. Working with students and visiting artists to create his work. Is famous for his mosaics and then glass and often draws such assignment then others create.
I like trying to explain it
Right now they are getting ready for the big annual event. Each June he opens his son to the public so anybody who wants to convey 50 or $30 for students to take a tour of the grounds.
It can be used to make them better. Particularly we is that time for people to talk to each other.
Helping people talk to each other is more important now than ever.
This year's open house will bring the unveiling of a brand-new building that houses the foundation called [ Iinaudible ] it was started and 82. As the director they said the foundation found new purpose. After the 2000 fire that destroyed much of the Hubbell property.
It was only possible because the community stepped forward and donated close to $300,000 to the Hubbell's to put all of this back. It was at that time that they realized that this place had meaning for the community it was more than just their home and their families on account become a beloved place.
The property was also transitioned to the nonprofit. They now own and maintain the space while Hubbell and his wife live on site as artist in residence.
Imagine when you are 13 and 15 and you the keys to this house.
And Artur with the so-called boys house a separate ending Hubbell built for his four sons.
They are grown and gone but left behind a stone building with a winding staircase and intricate stained-glass and sculptures.
Jim will tell you has a disease
We laugh about that but we are so grateful that he has interest to build consumer that disease has produced in the past year.