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Trumpet Legend Herb Alpert Discusses Upcoming San Diego Concert, New Album

June 27, 2017 1:16 p.m.

Trumpet Legend Herb Alpert Discusses Upcoming San Diego Concert, New Album


Herb Alpert, Grammy award-winning artist

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Herb Alpert is now joining us to talk about his music.
Thank you very much.
I hope you don't mind me mentioning that you are in your 80s now. When you get your inspiration from after all these years?
I'm passionate about what I am doing. I started playing the trumpet when I was eight years old.
There was a music appreciation last night. We do not see them anymore and an early age. There was a table filled with instruments and I happen to Philip -- pick up the trumpet. It started talking for me. I have been doing it all these years. I am 82. I am I bright green guy. I paint I scoped and I make music.
When you talk about your influences early on a new career I understand a trip to Tijuana had a major influence.
I had several trips to Tijuana in the springtime for maybe three years in a row. There was a brass band in the stands. They used to play fanfare and then the bull would come out. Than another fanfare in the Matador would appear. I got caught up in that whole feeling. [music] I tried to translate that into a song. And that is what happened in 1962. That is the first one we put out on records.
Recently you have released four albums in the last three years. Talk to us if you would about your newest album music volume 1 which will be released next month.
It is a record that I have always wanted to make. I wanted to make some positive music make music that makes you feel good or smile when you heard it. Taken some songs that have good melodies and I have tried to do it in a way that has not been done. [music] I think there is a bit of uniqueness to it but the overall has a really positive feeling. I just wanted to put a smile on my face as people listen to this album. [music]
The music industry has changed a lot since he founded A&M Records in the 60s. To think it would be easier or harder for you to break into the industry today?
Without question we would not have been able to start A&M Records in today's environment.. It would have not happened. The time and place an enormous part in and artists success. We were at the right place at the right time and I do not think it would've happened in today's world.
You're coming to San Diego with your partner money Hall as part of the bayside summer nights. What was it like for you to perform at this symphony.
We are having this added attraction of having the strings in the orchestra behind us.
You ever get high -- tired of performing your old hits?
I have it set up in such a way of the group there every night is different. I do a little Tijuana brass medley and Lonnie will do Brazil 66 medley because she was the first thing a Sergio and I just have it set up where the songs that surround these medleys are all kind of spontaneous. We have the form but within the form we kind of ad lib. and do our thing to keep it fresh every night.
After sort of a lifetime in the music business what is your best piece of advice for aspiring artists.
You better be really passionate about what you're doing because the competition out there is really rough. As I tell the kids that ask me about this I say look while you are sleeping somebody who wants the same thing you do is practicing. You really have to be dedicated because the odds on happening as an artist are always pretty slim so you need a backup.
Herb Albert and Lonnie Hall will be performing as part of the symphonies bayside summer nights Thursday, July 6. We have ticket information on our website and Inc. you so much it was a pleasure.
My pressure -- pleasure thank you so much for having me. Look forward to the concert. We have been doing this for 11 years. It gives me a thrill to be able to play my music and have people enjoy it at the same time. It is a fabulous feeling. [music]
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