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San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Pink, Potter And Divas

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July 28, 2017 1:11 p.m.

San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Pink, Potter And Divas


Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

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This is KPBS Midday Edition. I am Maureen Cavanaugh.A weekend preview and a bill of the summer, we're talking outdoor concerts, a celebration of "Divas" . Here with more is Nina Garin. Welcome.Hello.The San Diego Art Institute has a new exhibit called Millennial Pink. Tell us about it .This is a group show that celebrates the evolution of [ NULL ] aesthetics. I spoke to the curator and the executive director. She was saying that in the 1980s and 1990s when you received art by LGBTQ, it would be pain and tragedy . There was emotions over the AIDS crisis. Now, with millennial's embracing ideas of sexual fluidity, the images are shifting to more beautiful and celebratory. But where does the title Millennial Pink come from ?That is a super trending color.[ laughter ]It is a shade of rose quartz that is considered gender-neutral.What art will be there ?There will be photography and video and textiles. It is a group show. It is different interpretations about what they think it means.There are events tied to this exhibition ?You mentioned the danced party. That is one thing happening. There is a documented called we are core, how to pump a revolution. There will be a storytelling event.Millennial pink opens Saturday and runs through September 3rd in Balboa Park. Next, and not -- an outdoor concert at race, who was played there ?This is an acoustic guitar master.When you say acoustic guitar, do you mean flamenco guitar ?They are influenced by flamenco but also rock music and metal. They spend time in Ireland said they have all of these influences. The music is mostly instrumental. It should be considered easy listening.Let's listen to [ Name indiscernable ].[ MUSIC ]I understand this is coming to Humphreys Addison anniversary.They are so celebrating the 10th anniversary of their album. The songs they play will be from [ Name indiscernable ], including the song we heard. Also, they have the color -- cover of stairway to heaven. [ Name indiscernable ] will be at Humphrey concerts by the Bay on Monday. You have another concert to tell us about by the San Diego Gay men's chorus. They put on a great show. What they do in ?They are celebrating "Divas". You will hear music by Whitney Houston and also modern ones like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. You will hear I will survive.What can they expect ?The shows are fun. There is a great atmosphere of 200 singers and dancers that perform. Each song has a soloist and they do choreography. It is a great time.The San Diego Gay man's cover -- San Diego Gay Men's Chorus is Saturday. And we will talk Harry party, the Symphony presents Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets -- what does that mean ?The second Harry Potter movie will be projected on the large screen while the Symphony plays life.Did the Symphony do this ?Yes. They did this with the first movie. That was in March. This will be the second one. The third movie is scheduled to screen in February 2018. The Symphony plans to do them over the next three years.Why Harry Potter ?Brings a new audience to the Symphony. Everybody loves Harry Potter. Like "Star Wars", it has a recognizable soundtrack by John Williams. It is performed all over the world.Let's listen to some of that music. This is Harry's wondrous world.[ MUSIC ]That should be a great concert. That is in concert this Saturday and Sunday at the San Diego Symphony Bayside summer nights. I have been speaking with Nina Garin. Thank you .Thank you. Have a good weekend.