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San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Latin Sounds, Icons and Flavors

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August 18, 2017 12:36 p.m.

San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Latin Sounds, Icons and Flavors


Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

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This is KPBS Midday Edition. I am Maureen Cavanaugh. If you have been waiting for the weekend to go Latin. Your request has been answered. The weekend preview definitely has a Latin labor per -- flavor. We have Nina Garin. Welcome .We start the weekend with food, the fifth annual Latin food festival. Can you explain -- we know what that is.It is a two day event and it highlights food from Latin America. You will be able to meet chefs and sample winds and go to cooking workshops.When people think of Latin food, we think about Mexican food and tacos but there is more to Latin isn't there ?Yes. Some things you will be able to try is from Venezuela, a ground maize dill thing and food from Argentina which is a pastry and Spain has a delicious rice dish filled with seafood and meat.I am hungry. How does this work? To people just show up and start digging in?The main event is Saturday afternoon. You get a ticket and that grant you an all access pass to try the food and the wine and the spirits. There are events tonight and tomorrow night but those are sold out. The public can go tomorrow afternoon.The fifth annual food fest happens Saturday and Sunday but really tomorrow afternoon. We go from Latin food to Latin music. There is an mariachi Summit in San Diego. What is that?That is a week where students and dancers gather here and they learn the art form from musicians and dancers from around the world.The groups that are going to be attending ?[ Name indiscernable ] is considered one of the best groups in the world. It was founded in 1965. Also, local group [ Name indiscernable ]. They are symphonic's and a lot of groups like that.If this event is for students, why are you telling us about it?They have a concert at the Civic Theatre. You will be able to see the groups and a night of dancing and they will be performing Mexican anthems.You brought a bit of music. This is [ Name indiscernable ].[ MUSIC ]This is a concert and I assume the proceeds are going to a charitable cause ?Yes. It goes to the [ Name indiscernable ] scholarship foundation and it educates musicians and dancers.The concert is Friday at the Civic Theatre.We are going to keep up this Latin name and talk about Evita.This is the story of the wife of the Argentinian president. It is a musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice which started as a concert and it came to Broadway from a successful run in London.Patty famously played Evita on Broadway. Who are the others.The original one on the album is Julie Cummington in 1976. The most famous one is Madonna.She played it in a movie which I actually liked.[ laughter ]The most recent one is an Argentinian actress. She played in the West in revival in 2006 and the Broadway one in 2012.We have a clip from Evita . This is rainbow high from the 2012 cast album.[ MUSIC ]Is in a scandalous that she did not pick don't cry for me?It is.I think that song is more powerful when you see it live so I saved it so people can see it live.Who plays Evita ?It is an actress named Matthews who is great. She has been playing in it in the frozen musical at the California adventure.You saw the show and what did you think?It is beautifully staged. It has great choreography. I really loved the ensemble. It featured students from the sand to go school of creative and performing arts, including the winner and finalist from that [ Indiscernible ] awards. It runs through August 27.Let's talk about a beloved musical, fiddler on the roof. What is happening at the Bayside summer nights ?The sand ago Symphony does a salute to Broadway and this year, they are going to focus on box and learning.The men who played tabby on in the revival will be here for this concert.Yes. Danny Bernstein went to DC San Diego and he was nominated for a Tony for that role and he will be here and he will sing the song. It will be great.They celebrate the music of bark and Harnick and I have been speaking with the editor of KPBS arts, Nina Garin. Thank you