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San Diego's Top Weekend Events: An Ambitious Art Show

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September 15, 2017 1:10 p.m.

San Diego's Top Weekend Events: An Ambitious Art Show


Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

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This is KPBS Midday Edition. I am Maureen Cavanaugh .

This is an art exhibition that is so big that we have to talk it again.

There is an art show event. This time, the theme is Latin American and Latino art. Much of that exhibit is centered in Los Angeles, they will talk about San Diego in the event and San Diego celebration for Mexico Independence Day. Joining me is Nina Garin. Welcome.


Can you remind us what this event is? Wasn't there and exhibition with the title ?

There was in 2011-2012. That told the story of the LA art scene. It is back. This time, it is going to be celebrating important Latin American art and is presented by the Getty. They are linked.

Is the focus on California Latino art ?

No. There is art from all over it is pre-Columbian art and Brazilian, all sorts. They all will show how the cultures have influenced Southern California.

Earlier, we managed -- mentioned the local exhibitions but you have a few more to recommend.

They have art of the Americas. It is pre-Columbian art. It is basically objects that were used by ancient people of Mexico and Central and South America.

What are the objects people will be able to see?

You can see sculptures of gods and animals that were used were rituals and ceremonies. You can see what they used in the domestic life with bowls and instruments.

The art of the Americas is on view September 16, tomorrow through February 18 at the main gate. There is a Pacific time opening up. Tell us about this.

We go from ancient to modern. They have point counterpoint contemporary Mexican photography. It is works from 19 Mexican photographers. I do not get that much information but what they said is that it explores recent and difficult political and social realities of contemporary Mexico.

What does that mean? What images will people be able to see ?

There will be more than 100 works and they will be organized into different themes like pain or irony or things like that.

Point counterpoint, that opens September 30 and that runs through February 11.

Another exhibit is the one at the Oceanside Museum of Art.

This is getting quite a bit of buzz. It is called undocumented this is artist from San Diego and Tijuana and focuses on the technology and performance and interactivity.

One artist is doing something interactive, as you were saying. Tell us about his free citizen project.

He will set up a mobile consulate and you can apply for free citizenship. It is free citizen to the world and space. In exchange, give him your passport and your passport becomes part of his art archive that goes on a tour where he goes. It shows the basis of people who are crossing orders.

This opens September 23 through January 28 at the Oceanside Museum of Art. Pacific standard Time LA/LA runs September through January. You can sign -- find details at

Mexican Independence Day is tomorrow.

It is this weekend. Not May 5. It begins when -- with a common response around midnight. It is to honor the priest to called out for the Mexicans to rise up and fight.

You brought an example. People are celebrating in Tijuana.


How can people celebrate in San Diego ?

There is a low-key party happening in the town that is focused on history. If you want to get fancy, the lot has a dinner or if you want something like you heard, you can cross the border and attend a party.

This is Saturday at the historic Park. I have been speaking with Nina Garin. Thank you.

Thank you.