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San Diego’s Top Weekend Events: Movie Roundup

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October 13, 2017 12:20 p.m.

San Diego’s Top Weekend Events: Movie Roundup


Beth Accomando
, arts and culture reporter, KPBS

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Some new and some old but all of them in the theaters this week. Here to help us decide which of these are worth checking out is that talk Amando.

The first three has been an item for Hollywood since Oscars focus on the color of Oscar and nominees. -- On nominees. And here is scene of Marshall explaining what he does.

I tell you this upfront. The NAACP will not like most lawyers. They only represent innocent people. That is our mission. You understand. So I need to know this. Look at me now. Did you do what they said they did?

Does Marshall deliver a good film or good portrait?

It reminds me of hidden figures from last year. Is a great true story and well acted. It is this feel-good civil rights Bill and one that wants to keep the tone light and goodhearted so that it avoids looking the real ugliness of racism and how hard the battles were to fight. It's not a bad film. It kind of has -- it could've been so much better. He will be seen in Black Panther. Is this good casting?

It's kind of fun in the sense that he is good in both roles and like he gets a play two superheroes for the audience. For Marshall I wanted to know more about him. The film focuses on the odd case because Marshall was forbidden to speak in the courtroom so we have Josh as the white Jewish guy who gets to have all the time in the courtroom and it's like Marshall need to get a white man to get them into the courtroom. So it turns into more of a courtroom drama and buddy film rather than a rope biopic.

Is it so worth seen?

Yes, this would be a great kickoff for a TV series were would get to follow Marshall into different courtrooms for his cases like throughout his early career.

So opening today is the foreigner with Jackie Chan in Pierce Brossman. He is now 63 years old so can he keep doing action?

It hurts him to see him at 63 but foreign is not taxing on is that skills are acting skills.'s a bit of a -- when you get this father who goes on a mission of revenge because of what happens was daughter. Jackie Chan is a father whose daughter is killed in a London bombing by a group claiming Aire affiliation.

The film tries to be both a political thriller and a Jackie Chan action film and ends up doing neither one.

Your advice is skip this one?

Skip this one and rent an old Jackie Chan film.

You do want to recommend something Halloween theme for next week. Tell us what film is plenty for Wednesday?

The film festival enabled monthly screenings in this month there programming was called gay or -- horror Halloween. The director will be present for Q&A and then nightmare on Elm Street 2.

When you cast your male lead in the victim role and you have them scream like a girl for 90 minutes, you are going to have some people saying that is not the manliest performance. I may be the first male scream queen. So we get the final boy. Watching it now it's hard not to see the gay subtext. That clip we heard was from the documentary never sleep again.

This film where the director is going to be present the one called -- tell us about that. The first day/or film?

Think of it this way nightmare and Elm Street 2 came out in 1985. If you look at the gay subtext in nightmare 2, that comes to the forefront in hell-bent. You have a serial killer at a Halloween gay pride situation and he's going after gay victims but he might be gay himself so there is this interesting kind of twist on the genre and getting the focus on this. That did raise questions for the director in terms of is it a negative pitch bio to show both the victim and the killer as gay. That is something that he is going to discuss at the screening when people get to ask them questions after the film.

Hell-bent in nightmare on Elm Street 2 screen next Wednesday. Marshall and the foreigner open today. I've been speaking with Beth talk Amando.