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Talking Turkey: Chef Bernard Guillas Shares Thanksgiving Recipes

November 22, 2017 1:23 p.m.

Talking Turkey: Chef Bernard Guillas Shares Thanksgiving Recipes


Chef Bernard Guillas
, executive chef, The Marine Room

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Please stand by for realtime captions.Get your questions ready for turkey talk. This is KPBS Midday Edition. Chef Bernard Guillas is back for our annual turkey talk show. The number is 1-888-895-5727 . We will talk about turkey prep and how to roast a moist delicious bird. Chef Bernard Guillas can answer your questions and had to make sure you enjoy yourself while you are preparing the holiday feast. The call in number is 1-888-895-5727 . You can also Tweet your questions at @KPBSMidday. I'm Maureen Cavanaugh . KPBS Midday Edition is next.On this day before Thanksgiving, we are coming to your rescue. It is our annual turkey talk show. Call us with your questions at 1-888-895-5727 . This is KPBS Midday Edition. I'm Maureen Cavanaugh. It is Wednesday, November 22 and whether you been cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 20 years or this is your first time cooking, everybody needs a little turkey talk. Do you cook your stuffing in or out? Went to the side dishes go in the oven? Had you make sure everything gets done on time? For the questions that can come up about Thanksgiving dinner, we have the man with the answers. Again, this year we had the pleasure of welcoming Chef Bernard Guillas , executive chef at the Marine room. Our number is 1-888-895-5727 . Give us a call right now. You will be one of the first people -- to get your questions in. I want to ask you what is your kitchen at The Marine Room doing to prepare?We have organized the kitchen in a way that's going to be very efficient because we have 900 reservations. Between the stuffing and all the vegetables in the gravy in everything you really need to be well organized as well as baking pies. You have to really get ready.Let me take our first call. Steve from San Diego is calling.Thank you so much for making yourself available.It's a pleasure.Deep fried, oven cooked, slow and smoked, the goal is to be able to cook your turkey so your white meat does it dry out. Any of those methods preferred?You want a bird to be not bigger then 12 pounds because then it becomes challenging. So if you're smoking it, make sure that you're going to maintain a temperature of 2025 degrees and most likely it will take you 6 to 8 hours. If you are grilling you can do with charcoal which is more complex and difficult. Gas grilling you bring it to 350 and then you have to have your gas barbecue started 10 to 15 minutes before. You have to press your charcoal calls to make sure that the ashes gone and you place your turkey breast on the tripping pan and cover the grill and then you can add a little wood chips and then it will give you a little bit of that smoky flavor. 10 to 16 pound turkey two hours to grow.Steve, thank you so much for that question. Each way you prepare it the different ways to prepare your turkey is going to taste different. Roasting, barbecuing and even deep frying.Yes. That is really great about it. Besides the cooking process it's what are the other ingredients you will add. So if you put sage it's going to change it and be brining process will change it as well. I love to deep fry my turkey. It's really quick but you have to remember that you have to stay safe and you need to prepare your 5 gallon oil into a large pot. Remember the pot needs to be able to accommodate that turkey. So make sure there are no animals or no kids around. The water will pop and the oil goes over the pan and over the pot and this is where you can get get burned and get injured. If you do it right, it is delicious. They cook very quickly. 3 to 3 1/2 minutes per pound and you need to let it rest for 30 minutes. All the juices are sealed inside and it is awesome.The chef is taking your calls at 1-888-895-5727 . That's go to Sue in San Diego. Welcome to the program.Hello. Thank you for taking my call. My problem is that I bought a bird too big for the oven. So I went back to the store and the butcher very kindly cut in half for me. Now I have 213 pound halves. How do I cook a push rightYou will need to cook it so the bone side down and you will need to have two roasting pans because if you overlap it, it's not going to roast. Then you will need to paste it with a lot of butter and salt-and-pepper and herbs. What I would do is I would butcher the legs and remove the lake so you can cook the breast separately. You will be short of cooking time so when the press are ready, you can rest them and took the legs a little bit longer. I will take the drippings and start my gravy. You will have actually a lot more flavor that way because you have the bones while roasting underneath so we gives you a really great based to make a great gravy.Thank you for that question. Are there differences in quality between fresh and frozen turkeys? Are fresh better turkeys?Well, the answer is yes, but you have to know that most likely most of the turkeys have been frozen already. The thing you have to remember is you have to defrost them ahead of time. Takes you about 30 minutes per pound and you have to really change the water often.I like fresh better because when you have a frozen turkey you have icicles so it doesn't cook at the same way. For example, the turkey that I use from Mary's farm they are beautiful and fresh. We made the gravy with the bones but it is better to do it that way. We have a lot of turkeys on the markets that are available. Planning ahead is very important.1-888-895-5727 is a number to call to get your turkey talk questions answered. Julia is calling from Poway.Thank you for taking my call. My husband likes to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving. I don't like the way the meat -- even when it's cooked to the right temperature the meat still looks pink. I don't like the color. Is a something that you could recommend that we could do to get it to have a cooked look?I would brining about 24 hours before you cook it and when the turkey is getting cooked, you still will have that pinkish color but you have to remember that the temperature is roasting the turgor -- turkey very slowly so it keeps all the juices inside. Some people think the turkey is not cooked but it is cooked all the way through. When your turkey is cooked, it should be 165 degrees at the thickest part of the thigh not the breast. Then your turkey will be cooked. I liked smoking turkey. Just takes a little longer but it's really good.Happy Thanksgiving.Happy Thanksgiving.You need to season inside the turkey cavity?No. Some people do it. I put celery, onions and apples because the apples there able to eat them afterwards. A lot of fresh herbs, but the best I still have to say is if you can brine your turkey you will be able to give it so much more flavor because the brine will go inside the cavity so it will season the turkey inside.You don't put stuffing in the turkey?I do not. Reason is because I like the stopping to be in a controlled environment. If you cook it on the side in a casserole dish, you cook it exactly the perfect way that you want to cook it. If you're cooking inside, the stuffing has to be at 165 degrees so it means that somehow you have a chance to overcook the turkey because your breast may be at 185 already to obtain 165 degrees stuffing. So that's why I prefer to do it on the side.So you're talking about brining your turkey because that gives so much flavor. What you put in the brine?I would brine it 24 hours prior so I would use 3 cups of kosher salt and 1 cup of maple syrup and some cracked pepper and fennel seeds orange zest and ginger. Some sage and I like to use apple cider. Or you can use just your favorite cider. I've even done it with ginger ale and apple juice. It was so good. You can really play with your brine. You have to remember that when you do your brine solution, just write it down so you remember for the next time you said that maybe you wanted to exchange another flavor for the flavor that you have that year.1-888-895-5727 is the number to call to have your turkey talk questions answered by Chef Bernard Guillas. Let's take a quick call.Thank you for taking my call. My daughter is a vegetarian and although she enjoys all of the sides, I would like to do something special for her to offer her a main dish that is comparable to a turkey. Are there any recommendations?I have a couple of great suggestions that I have done. You can buy what they call a tofu turkey but you can lightly brining if you want to but you want to stuff it. You can put the stuffing inside. Then you just put the top of the tofu turkey. You split it in half and put your stuffing inside and put in the casserole and put the other turkey tofu on top of it and then you just bake it. The other thing I like to do is this Thanksgiving were doing it. We took a whole curry squash and we baked it and then we emptied it and then we are filling it with quinoa, green wheat and earth vegetables. We put in some bok choy and you can use a lot of different nuts and different things that make it fun. Mashed potatoes we make them with a little bit of silk tofu and all men and cashew butter. It's for vegans. It's really good. There's a lot of things you can do and what I would do to make sure that she doesn't feel like she is elated in that beautiful gathering is make it family-style so she know she could have all the goodies as well.Susan, thank you so much for your call. We shall be right back after a short break. You can give us a call with your questions for Chef Bernard Guillas at 1-888-895-5727 . You can also Tweet us at @KPBSMidday. This is turkey talk on KPBS Midday Edition.Welcome back . This is midday edition turkey talk. I'm Maureen Cavanaugh. I am here with the Chef Bernard Guillas . We are taking your calls about how to prepare that fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. The number 1-888-895-5727 . Let's go right to the phones and talk to Anne in San Diego.Happy Thanksgiving. My question for you is what your thoughts on slow cooking the turkey? How long will it take?I like to cook it at 275 to 325. You have to really keep an eye on it. So to 75 would be my opening bid. What I like about it is that it will really -- the juices will eat all throughout the flash so it means that you will have no shrinkage and it will be really delicious. I love to keep it that way and that's how I cook it at The Marine Room. My recommendation is to baste every 20 minutes. You have the drippings and every time that you base, -- based, you bring more levels of flavor. We do not have a Thanksgiving. We are thankful every day but we are using it for Christmas. So Christmas eve my sister will be harvesting the bird at the beginning of the week and then on Christmas we will be cooking it. So it's really a great recipe in a great way to do it. I would recommend everyone to do it that way. The thing that you need to do is make sure that you are having your oven already at 275 before you put your turkey in. It's really awesome.Thank you so much for the call.The bird itself should be at room temperature before you put it in the oven?The think is your room temperature in my room temperature is different so I would say that you take the bird out of the refrigerator and then you season it and then when it is seasoned, you put it in because let's say it's 100 outside it's going to be 90 here in if that goes up a little bit in temperature then there's a danger zone for having a bird that will not be cooked the Safeway so the stuff way that Safeway is refrigerator to the countertop and season it and then you put your bird inside the oven in a roasting pan in the roasting pan needs to have a nice grill under Nice. I like to also put carrots and celery right under the bird. It gives you another level of flavors when you're making your gravy.1-888-895-5727 is a number to call for your questions. When it comes to basic turkey 101, what temperature should the meet the mom to register when it is done?Turkey 101 I would say your oven should be at 325 and you will cook it for about -- about three hours for 16 to 18 pounds but remember my oven in your oven are different. This is why say three hours and you have to check the thickest part of the fight and register 160 21 and 65 degrees and then you take it out of the oven and you tented loosely with foil and let it rest. During that time that bird will stay hot because the bones become their only oven, I would say. During that time you have time to make the gravy.I think their home cooks that found themselves turning the temperature up and down because they see the bird is maybe browning too fast or -- what does that due to the bird?If you're having a bird who's good or brown too fast, my recommendation is keep an eye after 30 minutes. If it is browning quickly, tented with foil and that will help. All ovens are very different. If you had a convection oven, it will cook faster and because the air is circulating, it means that your turkey will brown and then you have to make sure that you paste the turkey every 15 minutes so I would say every 15 minutes you paste it. You have to remember that you have to have that resting time. If you burn the skin, it will be bitter. That's why you want to make sure that it is well taking care of. It's the same process as doing the chicken.1-888-895-5727 . Jeff is giving us a call.Hello. I was curious we burnt our turkeys before and did not wash it off in the turkey was salty but were worried about watching the flavor off. When you grind your turkey should you wash it when you are done?I do not but if the brine has been with the turkey over 24 hours and it's a small bird -- depending on the size of the turkey. If it's 10 at 12 pounds and you brine it 24 hours, I would rinse it and then pat dry and then I would put my butter on top of it in my herbs and then put in the oven. If it's a larger turkey, I would not rinse it. You should be fine. You have to remember when you're doing your brine, if you're doing more than a one to three ratio it will be over salted. It's a ratio of sugar and salt so if you too much salt then you have a bird that's going to be salty.We talked about this but coral on Facebook is asking how important is a fresh turkey?I love a fresh turkey because it will cook so evenly. That is one reason and the other reason is the flavor profile. When you buy your turkey there's a big difference between a butterball or inorganic for example, from any of those well-known forms. Foster Farms has organic turkeys. So don't worry about the brand. You want to look at having a nice turkey. There's some great deals now so I saw organic turkeys yesterday in one of those big-box stores. And the turkey was about $68. Think about it you are feeding your family for $68. It's awesome because right after Thanksgiving what you do? You can do a turkey soup, turkey potpie, shepherd's pie, turkey sandwiches. There's a lot that you can do.We know not everybody has turkey on Thanksgiving and Lee has a call about something else.Hello. Happy Thanksgiving. Etc. turkey question it's a prime rib question. I have a four bone 12 pound prime rib that I'm going to cook on the grill on the rotisserie. I'm curious about the amount of time that it will take for a medium rare prime rib.You will cook it at about 425 degrees?Yes.I would say it will take you most likely about on the rotisserie itself 40 12:55 hour if you want it rare and remember you need to let it rest and because it is bone in the heat penetration takes longer. I'm giving you a guideline because a five or 67 pound roast -- five or 7 pound roast it will be different.Do have any suggestions for Rob?Yes. This is what I would do. Pepper Rica, mustard seeds and you put all those in a grinder and then if you like it spicy, you can put cayenne pepper. I like to put a little bit of brown sugar. The brown sugar will caramelize and give it some sweetness but not too sweet and because the mustard seeds you will have that spicy rustic flavor that will be really awesome.Wonderful. I'm drooling already.Thank you for your calls. 1-888-895-5727 and this is turkey talk but I want -- you just squeeze in a question about brisket. Do you have any suggestions on that?I would brine my biscuit but I will have done it already yesterday. If you do brisket, you still can do it today but you have to cook it slow and make sure that it's not overcooked and make sure that you buy prime. Prime is key when it comes to the quality. If you have a lot of fact, it's going to be juicy and tender and use a lot of aromatics. Cracked black pepper, fennel seeds, sage and all of these and use also organic salt so it penetrates nicely.You mentioned that some things should have already been done. I'm wondering what people need to do today what do home cooks what should they be doing today so they take the pressure off the big day tomorrow?You should do everything that you want to do in a way that you want to spend more time with your friends and family instead of being in the kitchen. So cranberry sauce should be done. By organic cranberry sauce and bring it to a boil and add some orange zest and other aromatics. When it comes to making your pies, they should be done today. There is nothing wrong of buying already piecrust and then you have those spice ingredients. Make sure that you peel your vegetables and get them ready so root vegetables such as beets, carrots, onions even little baby potatoes all those can be roasted together and you can prepare them today and put them into a container and you can season it already and tomorrow the only thing you do is put it into a roasting pan and you can roast it with your turkey. You should be making your stuffing. It should be all prepared. You can bake it today. If you bake it today it will taste better tomorrow because all of those flavors will be already in seeing together. Then when you reheat it it's really easy. I would peel my potatoes for my mashed potatoes but remember do not chop the potatoes just peel them because if you cut them and you chop them in advance, you lose all the starch in for potatoes you should be using only russet potatoes for mashed potatoes. The best ones are your russet potatoes. You can do a lot, your cranberry sauce and then look at maybe what about some cheese and almonds and nuts and things that you can have when people are coming in so it's a welcome and it's easy to do. Some tips and chips and it's fun.1-888-895-5727 . Catherine is calling us.Happy Thanksgiving to both of you.Here's my question I've got the turkey in the refrigerator since yesterday morning and it's still pretty hard and I feel like it's not going to be fully thought tomorrow. Had white deal with that?You have to put it into most likely if you have a really nice clean seeing you can submerge it. You put it under water for 30 minutes and then you change the water and you put new cold water every 30 minutes for about 2 to 3 hours and then your bird will be thought-out most likely but if you don't change the water the water will come to the same temperature as a turkey and it will not thought out.When it's totally thought, had you know that?You will be able to see it as you are touching the turkey. You know that it is defrosted.You will be fine.I think we need to take a short break at this time. We are speaking with Chef Bernard Guillas . We are talking turkey and taking your calls at 1-888-895-5727 . We have some lines open so you can get your call in right now. You can also Tweet your questions at @KPBSMidday.Welcome back. I'm Maureen Cavanaugh. I'm here with Chef Bernard Guillas, executive chef at The Marine Room in La Jolla. Taking your calls at 1-888-895-5727 . Let's go right to the phones. Carol is calling. Welcome to the program.Thank you. I am cooking a roast for the first time. Help me.[ Laughter ]. Well, how big is it?I'm on my way to pick it up I think it's going to be about 9 to 10 pounds.What you will need to do is make sure that when you are putting the crown together you season it with all of oil, salt, pepper garlic and I like to add some spices to it so I will put a mixture of human -- pepper Rica black pepper -- what I like to do is in the center I would like to do a nice bouquet of fresh herbs because what will happen is it will infuse all of the flesh of the pork so what you are doing -- I was doing when I was a kid's we would do everything I just told you and we would put about half a pound of butter right in the ground -- crown and the butter would melt and it would paste it. You want to make sure it is not overcooked. Cook it at 150 degrees because you want to let it rest and because it's going to be large, the heat will continue to go through. 150 will carry about 165 to 170 degrees and it will be nice and moist. She would put apples so you have roasted apples with your pork, which was really awesome.Hope that helps you. Thank you so much.It is easy to do.I want to ask you about the art of carving the bird. Do you have any tips?You have to make sure that the bird has rested for 30 minutes and then what I like to do is I removed the two legs and then I carve the breast. You carved from the largest part to the and and you want to make sure that the slices are not thicker than a quarter inch. Because then it becomes -- when you eat it it can be dry. Remember at one point you won't be able to remove more of that breast meat but when it's cold, this is where you really want to go through the whole carcass and get all that money and then you can do so much with it. We were talking about doing a pie. It could be not the day after because you are pretty much turkey output on Sunday it's really awesome. I do it at my house.Let me take a call from Amelia from Delmar.Happy Thanksgiving. I would like to know how does he feel about tricking best cooking a turkey inside the bag.There's really nothing wrong with it, but this is the reason that I don't care for it that much because when you cook a turkey at home and you have all those aromatics such as fresh herbs and things like this, the house smells so good. When your friends and family are coming in they all want to see you but they want to be here for the feast and that's what I really love about not cooking in the back, but if you don't feel comfortable to not cook it in a bag and roasting it, I think it's not a bad technique. I like the -- aromatics for my home.You lose the aromas.1-888-895-5727 is the number to call with your questions. Want to ask you about how to make match potatoes that are creamy and fluffy and wonderful.Simple recipe that everybody should take a note on. You want to use russet potatoes. You want to make sure that you start cooking your potatoes with cold lightly salted water. You cook the potatoes until they are tender and then you strain them and then you make sure that you pass it through to make sure it is nice and mashed and then to that ad butter. You need to add a lot of butter and then I use cream fresh and salt and pepper. The Catch-22 is if you usually are making only 3 pounds of potatoes make sure you double the amount because everyone is going to be crazy about it. This is an awesome recipe. This is a day that we don't count calories.We have a question from Denise from San Diego. Can you mix yams and sweet potatoes together to make a mash?Yes, that would be yummy. It depends what you want to do. If you are short of one potato you can mix the other one. What I like is to really stay with one potato because it showcases the goodness of that potato. There's nothing want to mix it. The only thing is you will have a different texture and different flavor profile. With sweet potatoes use maple syrup. By the good maple syrup. If you don't have maple syrup, you can take some brown sugar and melt it with water and it becomes a nice brown syrup as well.You talk to us about pies and how there's no shame in getting a prepared pie crust. What about other desserts that go really well after turkey dinner.Well, there's a couple things about pie that I want to talk about because you can do your pumpkin pie, but punk and pie can be done with three different types of pumpkin. You can use those and make them and you will have a completely different journey. I love the poacher. It's just so delicious. If you don't have time, use the organic pumpkin purée. There's also sweet potato pie. You can do your sweet potato pie. What if you do a pumpkin pie with an attitude and put some really nice chocolate chips and everybody will go crazy about it. I like to do berries like blackberry pie, cherry pie. Apple pie. We can do so much. You can also do a pair -- pear pie. You can do a chocolate cream pie. Parents be ready because it will disappear fast. We do cheesecake or shortbread. I like to do macaroons. You can do so much. You should showcase the recipes that your ancestors passed on from generation to generation because our generation will disappear and then our kids and grandkids will become their tradition. Tradition is what Thanksgiving is all about.'s about love, the family and gathering and sharing that special moment.You were saying that in your own family that you've lost a couple of those recipes because they were not written down.My grandma was amazing. I was shipped to my grandmother pretty much so I stayed with her until I was eight years old so I was always cooking. She would be writing recipes and then suddenly she would write it on a piece of paper and then she would say you remember where that piece of paper is. So we started to write it down in a holiday book. In the book it becomes pretty much a journey of all those years that you have been celebrating with the family. We added stories and the kids were adding stories and then it becomes a journal and it become a book. We have a very short time so it's a great way to do it.Brian is calling from Encinitas.I have two with questions. One is roasting a turkey on a small roasting rack. The second one is I'm doing a brine that's maple syrup, brown sugar and soy sauce and herbs. Sometimes I roasted to where I will put it uncovered in the oven and then covered it with some foil and finish it off that way for the last couple of hours. I'm wondering if you had an opinion on either one of those things.Those are two very good techniques. You need to have a rat when you roasting your turkey. That the only way to do it and then for your brine because you have sugar and because you have so way, you have that really brine and is going to camera -- caramelize quickly. You have to make sure that you do not cook it to high of a temperature so you can get that gorgeous lacquered. This would be a lacquered turkey. I would cook it at 200 -- 252 to 75 because of the sugar but remember it's cooked all the way through and let it rest. Great recipe.Enjoying.I want to let everyone know that you shared two recipes that we have on our website the ultimate turkey brine recipe that you been talking about and a triple oyster corn casserole, which sounds amazing.This is a recipe that my girlfriend put together at the house because it's traditional. This is what were going to do oyster stuffing.She came up with that recipe. It's three oysters right there and then a little bit of leaks and some celery root so it's really delicious and some sweet corn. When you do that recipe and the best is to do it the day before is just delicious. This is pretty much what I have as soon as I come in the house with a glass of wine first.This is so good and very easy recipe. Those are simple recipes that everybody can enjoy and they are on the site so everybody can just go and visit and get all the recipes that I should.The thing is we are about out of time. A whole hour has gone by. There is so much that it's your feeling about what Thanksgiving really is and how people should not be frazzled but should really enjoy it.You need to make sure that if you want to enjoy the Thanksgiving season plan ahead and you really spend all the time you can with your family. You can bring everybody in the kitchen and then you become the perfect platform for the kids to learn the tradition and understand what it's all about. It's awesome. I love Thanksgiving and it's always a pleasure to spend my time with you.It's always wonderful. Thank you so much for your time and thank you for listening. Have a great inks giving.Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.