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Rep. Susan Davis Discusses GOP Tax Plan, Sexual Harassment And A Possible Government Shutdown

November 29, 2017 1:28 p.m.

Rep. Susan Davis Discusses GOP Tax Plan, Sexual Harassment And A Possible Government Shutdown


Rep. Susan Davis, D-San Diego

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Susan Davis talks about avoiding a possible government touched shutdown. And we discussed previous allegations in the past that paved the way for change. This is KPBS Midday Edition.I Maureen Cavanaugh. It is Wednesday, November 29. Our top story on Trenton the end of 2017 is going to be busy for members of Congress as Republicans in the Senate try to find enough votes to cut the tax bill. But Jeters have to come to an agreement on it overall spending Bill or keep figure out a way to keep the lights on before funding expires December 8. Joining us on this busy and crucial time for legislators is Susan Davis. Welcome to the program .thank you, Maureen, it is good to be with you.Let me start by broaching an issue that Democrats are struggling with. Now that three former staffers have accused John Conyers of sexual harassment, are you calling for his resignation?We are calling for zero-tolerance. That includes the resignation if in fact due process and everything we do here I think in all fairness to all of the people involved occurs. I think that it will be difficult for him to probably continue with so much of the work that he's been doing.Democrats have called on Senator Al Franken to sit right -- resigned. What is your thought on that?Again the senators he works with every day probably have feelings about that. Again working toward zero-tolerance and having an opportunity for him to go before the ethics committee there and to have a chance to certainly share his position. I think none of that should occur. It is important for us to pick take a very firm stance on this.We are talking later in the show about whether the current focus on sexual harassment will lead to actual change. I know the house is expected to vote today on legislation requiring antiharassment training for all-out makers. Do you think that training like that would make a significant difference?It is a start. I think the training in and of itself will change culture. That is what we are dealing with here as a country and in the military continue to be in the military and on our university campuses. And throughout society on many levels. But it is helpful for me people to know the roles and the to be clear to staffers and the members themselves. That no behavior that puts people in untenable positions makes them uncomfortable and unable to do their work, harasses them in any way is except the bull. That goes beyond that kind of harassment as well.One of the critical issues that legislators face in the next week includes a possible government shutdown over a spending plan. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, house Doherty leader Nancy Pelosi pulled out of a meeting with president donald trump after Trump tweeted that a deal with them was unlikely. Do you think Pelosi and Schumer made the right moves?Nobody wants a shutdown. I think we have all worked very hard to make sure the government continues to run. The last shutdown cost us $24 billion. It is hard to imagine that today. I remember the pain that was felt in San Diego alone. I know that we are working very hard to avoid that. Unfortunately, it may be that they do a very short-term continuing resolution which quite frankly is also not helpful. But at least it does not bring everything to a halt.There are Democrats who say they would support shutting down the government if there is no deal on DACA. They're looking for clean dream act a pathway to citizenship for young immigrants. Would you be among the Democrats who would stand for a shutdown if there is no DACA deal ?The first thing I am doing is making sure we have a DACA fixed. It is interesting. I had a young DACA woman talk to me as I walked across the street to talk to you. I think that we have to do everything in our power to make sure it does not happen. We have to include DACA and make sure there is no shutdown.Will Democrats risk getting the blame if there is a shutdown?I think everyone knows we are here to work and doing everything we can to bring things about. We are trying to get our colleagues to bring a DACA fixed to the floor of Congress. That's what we need. We think we can pass it. We need everyone to go to the floor and be prepared to vote.The Republican tax plan may be up for a vote in the Senate by the end of the week. The house version has past. In your opinion, is the Senate tax cut plan any better than the bill you voted against in the house?No. I don't think so. I wish we could go back, not even go back. The reality is this is a bill that has not had hearings. Proper hearings. It really has not been done in any kind of a bipartisan way. It is such a great opportunity. We know that there are changes. There are so-called reforms. I don't think that's where we are going. We need to address that. What we are seeing is that there is much more interest in trying to do something too huge a huge tax breaks to the largest corporations in our country and their foreign investors without looking at the human capital issue. I think we always want to ask what problem are we trying to solve. We want to make sure that the middle class has the ability to live out the American dream and to have the kind of support from the tax reform that gives them the ability to get some assistance, get help, to aspire the way they do for their families. I don't think this does that at all. I think it goes in the opposite direction.What are the chances that president donald trump will have a tax measure on his desk by the end of the year like he wants.I think they are reeling in Dealing. I don't think the question is what are we trying to solve our how can we help the American people, it is how can I give you something that will help you vote for this bill. That is what is happening. I think we will see some pieces go into this bill in order to devote. Over on the Senate side. That is not helpful. I don't think that is helpful for the American people. It is not helpful to my constituents in San Diego.I've been speaking with Susan Davis. I know who -- how busy you are thank you for your time.Thank you, Maureen.