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San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Arts In North County

January 12, 2018 12:46 p.m.

San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Arts in North County


Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

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>> North County is growing into an arts hub. This weekend is a good example. From an exposition of Niki De Saint Phalle to the premier of a play joining me is arts calendar editor Nina Garrett. Welcome. Are people starting to see the North County as a Center for the arts?
>> I think they are. They have these institutions like the California Center for the arts. But some of the smaller theater group, a lot of musicians going there, it is becoming what we had originally wanted years ago. It is becoming an arts hub.
>> Let's begin in Escondido with an exhibition and celebration of Niki De Saint Phalle.
>> There is an exhibition called mythical California, it features Prince and never before sketches and models of blueprints of her creation of Queen Califa's magic circle.
>> Can you tell me more about artist Niki De Saint Phalle and this magical circle?
>> She is an internationally known sculptor and artist. She has pieces around the world. I went to Paris and saw her pieces there. She is known for her bright mosaics. She has larger-than-life sculptures, lots of curves in them. San Diego is where she spent her last years of life and she built this giant sculpture garden called Queen Califa's magic circle and it was her last work.
>> This is also a 15th anniversary celebration of the sculpture garden. Have you've been there? Can you tell us what it is like?
>> It is like a fairytale. You walk in, it depends on how the sun is shining on the mosaics. It can make you feel dizzy. Is located at Kit Carson Park, surrounded by this black and white graphic wall. The wall has varying heights. It is pretty fantastic. There is nine sculptures. It includes Queen Califa, standing on the back of a five legged Eagle. This park has limited hours when is it open?
>> It is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to new and the second Saturday of each month, this Saturday from 9-2:00. If it is raining or there are puddles it is closed.
>> Going back to the exhibition what else will people say?
>> An exhibition called inspired, the Mosaic invitational, work by a local artist, many have been inspired by Niki De Saint Phalle. It looks at the complexity and excessive nature.
>> Niki De Saint Phalle, mythical California opens this weekend at the California Center for the arts Escondido. On view, weakens through March 4th.

>>> The North Coast repertory theater has its own internationally inspired premier this weekend. Tell us what is going on their.
>> Around the world in 80 days. A play adapted by Mark Brown. It opens this weekend and it is the San Diego Premier.
>> We remind us what this is about?
>> It is about Phileas Fogg and his valet. They take a bit to see if they can go around the world in 80 days set in 1872, pretty complicated.
>> This was a movie?
>> Two movies. The 19561 with David Nevin, Shirley McClaine and another in 2004, I don't know how many people thought,.
>> Around the world in 80 days, a story with a lot of characters and locations. How is that going to play out at a small theater?
>> Great question. There are five act years only, but they will be taking on 42 different characters. That will be fun to watch. Because of that there is a lot in the design. Great sets, lots of costume, lighting, fast-paced, funny. Being described as a cross between Monty Python and Groucho Marx.
>> Around the world in 80 days opens this weekend North Coast repertory theater, and runs to February 4th. Finally, the City of Carlsbad's cultural arts office launching a new series called starring artists. Tell us about this.
>> This is a program that explores the local art with an intimate Q&A, followed by a performance. There are three events scheduled. Each one will tackle a different genre. It is meant to show off the talent in North County, and also showed you don't have to travel to downtown or La Jolla.
>> The first one happens this weekend. It takes a look at local theater. Tell us more about that.
>> The first one will explore new village arts, theater in Carlsbad. Opening a play called cloud deck Connex directed by Herbert Siguenza. It would also feature Nadia Guevara, an actress and Director of a theater group they created to engage Latino audiences.
>> I understand you are doing the interview portion?
>> Yes. I have volunteered to do the interviews. It is inspired by inside the actors studio. Along with asking about inspiration and process, I get to ask their favorite words and sounds. I think it will be really fun.
>> There will also be a performance following the interview. What will people see?
>> They are going to do a short play called Cinderella eats rice and beans, staged over the holidays, directed by Nadia Guevara, a bilingual twist to the Cinderella story.
>> What else is on the schedule?
>> In March, musicians and in May, choreographers and dancers.
>> The City of Carlsbad starring artist series kicks off Saturday afternoon at the dev library. I have been speaking with editor Nina Garrett. Thanks.
>> Thanks. Have a good weekend.