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Roundtable: Issa Bows Out, DACA Dealmaking, State Of The City

January 12, 2018 1:04 p.m.

Roundtable: Issa Bows Out, DACA Dealmaking, State Of The City


Andrew Bowen, reporter, KPBS News

Jean Guerrero, reporter, KPBS News

Greg Moran, reporter, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Alison St. John, reporter, KPBS News

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MS: Is DACA on the brink ago incendiary comments by President Trump threatened the deal on immigration. Mayor Kevin Faulconer stated the city address, a status check on San Diego's challenges and opportunities. Roundtable starts right now.
MS: Welcome to our discussion of the week's topped hours. I am Mark Sauer. Joining me today Alison St. John, reporter Greg Moran of the San Diego Union Tribune, Jean Guerrero and Andrew Bowen. Immigration, the issue President Donald Trump road to the White House remains as vexing as ever. A bewildering rush of news this week, save dreamers with the bipartisan bill of love, deport 200,000 Salvadoran refugees, offer a path to citizenship ship, crack down on immigrant workers. Trump and his administration lurched through all of this and more this week, then Trump drew scorn from Democrats and Republicans alike, Trump wandered in a meeting why he should accept refugees from S-Hole countries. They went to the meeting on DACA come about it was worked out then the vulgarity happen.
JG: The deal presented by 600 senators, President Trump tweeted that it struck him as a step backward and he thought the so-called bipartisan bill, the wall was not properly funded in the bill and it didn't do enough to stop people from what he called high prime countries. He denied using the word but he did say that his language had been tough.
MS: We saw all that today. After that we had reactions back from Democratic Senator Richard Durbin in that meeting as well as Lindsey Graham, the Republican also in that meeting. Durbin said he did use the vulgarity and repeated and grandma says I talked to him about it afterward although other senators say we don't recall hearing that. A great deal of confusion on that whole issue. Let's set that aside and move on about the whole DACA situation. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the plan that allows these folks, some 800,000 who came here as children, to remain and work. It had been suspended. Now we have a judge that reinstated it. It is a confusing time. Is there still it taking -- still it taking deadline?
JG: It had been an artificial deadline to begin with ever since the president announced he would be taking away this program. Thousands of people each much -- each month are losing the status. It doesn't make that much of a difference.
MS: In this earlier meeting this week, which was televised, Trump had seemed to punt to lawmakers say whatever you come to me with, good people in this room we will figured out, whatever you send, I have a bite here is what the president said Tuesday.
[Clip] There should be no reason for us not to get this done and check, I would say when the script comes back hopefully with an agreement, this group and others, comes back with an agreement I am signing it. I will be signing it. I won't say oh gee I want this or that I will be signing it because I have a lot of confidence the people in this room can come up with something really good.
MS: So they came up with this deal, had this meeting yesterday to presented and what happened?
JG: The meeting that was televised was really confusing because initially he seemed to agree with the lawmakers insisting on a clean DACA bill. A bill that apparently had agreements from people on both sides of the aisle to make sure that these people who came here, brought here when they were children are able to stay here. And he kept saying things like yes, we will do in steps. Phase I and phase two we will take a break into comprehensive immigration reform. So it seemed like for a long time he was willing to do this clean DACA will.
ASJ: Tucker Carlson is like he is betraying us and they took them seriously.
JG: Because it did seem like that would end up being the case, although one reporter asked just to get things clear on agreement without the wall.
AB: How about Mexico are they going to pay for the wall?
MS: I think that’s finally off the table Andrew. The wall is a nice segue to story this week. We have had prototypes here, wall prototypes at the border and it turns out there have been a lot of security provided by local police, costing a lot.
GM: It cost the City of San Diego about 270 -- $270,000 in terms of to be out there consternation and concern before the project began. Homeland Security sent out a three-page memo to local law enforcement saying we are getting intelligence, it could be violence, they likened it to protest for the Dakota access pipeline. Large-scale campouts that got local law enforcement ready but nothing happened. I was at their -- out there frequently we had a photographer reporter most every day there wasn't a protest there wasn't a March, there wasn't assigned, there wasn't a mild objection, nobody out there. Essentially guarding the wind.
AST: Hundreds of thousands -- somewhat the county is will help is City Council reacting because the feds are going to pick them up.
MG: Authored or fostered resolution that expressed the city's objection kind of a bizarre theater.
AST: Maybe they should just.
MG: Construction workers out there, no new walls are there, Stonehenge like display. I don't think they are patrolling anymore. I think it is mostly for a month, there may be residual after the upper right now there isn't.
AB: My is it on local police to provide the security. It actually provided that prototype to begin with.
GM: I think jurisdictional in the sense the streets and property was local, property was a piece of federal property to the town, patrolled by the Sheriff's Department. There is a business park there, in fact when they marked this streets for in a parking one site said no parking by City of San Diego and the other side of the street says no parking by County of San Diego. So I think that is part of it. There is a lot of prohibitions about federal law enforcement taking the place of local law enforcement but having said that, there was a ton of law enforcement.
MS: Before we leave this topic I wanted to note the announcement 200,000 resumes -- refugees may be facing
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