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San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Unconventional Art Experiences

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January 19, 2018 2:29 p.m.

San Diego's Top Weekend Events: From Latin Art To Ruby Slippers


Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

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This weekend maybe a good chance to step out of your artistic comfort zone. There is an eclectic accept dance and music in San Diego and some of it can be a little wear. -- Weird. There is actually a bit of dance happening in San Diego this weekend. Some of it by Gina Isaacs. Who is she?
>> She is a longtime San Diego and. She is a choreographer and consistently putting out new work. She likes to promote up-and-coming court rivers and some of gone on to have successful careers like Monica Barnes.
>> How would you describe her style?
>> She does modern with a message. She does a lot of modern dancing and there is often a message. She has low dances about the environment but she also likes to bring dance to the people so I think it would be accessible modern dance.
>> What dances will should be presenting this weekend?
>> This weekend the shows called Janice 2. What cool -- what is cool, Janice is the name of a Roman God who looks forward and backward. She will be putting on these premier pieces annual -- and she will bring back her critically acclaimed rights of's spring -- writes a spring. Is choreographed to Stravinsky.
>> Let's hear of -- it's here some of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring.
>> [ MUSIC ]
>> What is the personal aspect of this performance this weekend?
>> Gina Isaacs is going to present 5 new pieces. There inspired by her family's photo album's. There is a picture from 1952 of her grandparents and their 14 grandchildren and there is also photos of Isaacs asleep with her own children when they were babies and pictures of her and her spouse. It is these moments that will be turned in the dance.
>> Janice 2 runs tonight through Sunday at San Diego's city colleges Seville theater. What can you tell us about the new show opening up in the San Diego Art Institute?
>> It is unusual, is called the language of things. It is by Roberto Melina. He is a Tijuana artist and he focuses on having all of your senses engaged by using video, sound and sound objects.
>> What is in the specific exhibit?
>> So, you are going to step into the gallery and you will see video screens and you can stand inside of it and see different images and hear different things. You can go into rooms where you can hear Molina's recordings and basically the whole idea behind this is that if you slow things down and listen, you can have a deeper connection to the world.
>> Have you got to see it yet?
>> Not yet.
>> You actually did bring a sample of the sounds that we will hear in this exhibit. Let's listen to a selection from Alina.
>> [ MUSIC ]
>> Not exactly melodic but certainly atmosphere, right?
>> Yes, the whole idea is that it is meditative and you are supposed to think of it and slow down and connect with yourself and with the outside world.
>> So the art Institute has some events around the exhibition. What are the highlights?
>> If you're not that good at listening to things like this, there is a guided tour with the artist. He will take you on a sound journey with music like John Cage to sonic youth. You can bring a yoga mat and mellow out. Happens next Saturday. Also, the very popular music group Mulan is going to premier compositions by young artists.
>> The language of things opens tomorrow at the San Diego art astute at Balboa Park. There is also concert this weekend by the Ralston string Quartet. Who are they?
>> They are an up-and-coming string quartet. This a part of the discovery series. Is a group that won't stop winning awards. They have the Banff international string quartet competition that the one in 2016. They are the fellowship or tension residence in the Yale school of music. They just won the Cleveland quartet award which is a price that helps young portraits establish into a young career.
>> What makes this group so winning?
>> These are procession players. Their very stylish, they sometimes read music from the iPad during the shows. The players of good dialogue between them. They play music as a whole rather didn't -- then just individual parts. They bring something new to music.
>> Is here some of them, this is a Ralston string Quartet performing Hayden.
>> [ MUSIC ]
>> Ralston string Quartet performs Sunday at the auditorium at TSR I. We talked earlier this week about San Diego symphonies it's about time music Festival. We didn't talk about the upcoming performances this weekend of the Tijuana blues album. He was obviously a jazz giant but what was special about this album particularly?
>> This is one of his own personal favorite problems. He held it in high regard inspired by his visits in two Tijuana in the 1950s. It has sophisticated arrangements with wild improvisations.
>> Let's hear from Tijuana moods, this is easy moods.
>> [ MUSIC ]
>> So what's in store this weekend?
>> Performances of this album are very were air. Is notable that this concert is happening and the Mingus Dynasty is performing in San Diego and Tijuana. There will be a free panel discussion on Saturday to put it all into context. That features former Mingus saxophonist Charles McPherson, Anthony days is -- Davis and the curator.
>> They perform on Sunday at the Tijuana cultural Center and Monday. Thank you Nina.
>> Have a good weekend.