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The Pros And Cons Of Growing Your Own Marijuana

January 24, 2018 1:20 p.m.

The Pros And Cons Of Growing Your Own Marijuana


David Newman, co-owner and head grower, A Soothing Seed

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>>> This is the midday edition I'm Maureen Cavanaugh. The big news on cannabis in California this year is a start of legal sales of recreational marijuana. Actually growing you'll marijuana for recreational use has been legal in the state for about a year. And many people with medical marijuana cards have been growing at longer than that. Marijuana is something of a high maintenance plant and is not always easy to grow. Joining me to talk more about it about personal cannabis cultivation is David Newman.: Owner and head grower of a Soothing Seed in Oceanside and --. A business that sells marijuana. For -- thank you for coming.
>> They give having me.
>> How difficult is it to successfully grow your own marijuana. How does it compare to say growing tomatoes?, The comparison is the same.
>> Some people have a green thumb and some people don't. Cannabis has easier strains that would be better suited for the beginner grower but then they have moderate and then they have extensive gross -- growth strays. It pushes the gambit. It really comes down to personal and how will you are of a gardener.
>> Can you go on but -- a marijuana plant in your outdoor garden? Or do you need indoor growth space.
>> In Southern California it has a perfect climate for growing marijuana. Is very tropical, so no it is a great environment for outdoor growing. Many people have chosen to grow indoors, stealth growing has become a thing, but the indoor growers have kept up with technology and have done everything they can as guerrilla growers to bring in a successful harvest.
>> What are the most common growth spaces indoors?
>> People usually get growth tends. And you get them on eBay or Amazon. They come in various sizes and they usually have a reflective interior. They set up and take down quickly. They are lightweight. And that is how everyone will get started between that and some soil in buckets. A grow light and ventilation, and they are off and running. After that first harvest comes in which in most cases his usual -- which is usually not great they will move on to the second and it gets better. Like with any hobby it can get expensive or not. Depending on your skill level.
>> Talk to us about light. I think I know, it is so essential for the growth of marijuana.
>> Yes it is, the more light you give to the plant the better it will yield for you. Most people like myself when we started out years ago, we started out with a 400 watt light. For the vegetative state you will use something like a a metal light in the 6500 Kelvin Grace. And then for the flour, you will switch the bulb over to a high-pressure sodium to something more in the 2400 range. He gives you red tones that will help the plant flour. From their you move up to 600 watts and 1000 watts whatever your room can handle. With these discharge lights comes a lot of heat and you have to be able to move the heat.
>> So you need fans?
>> Yes, extraction fans.
>> How much water?
>> That depends on your technique. Hydroponics, uncle politics, soil, it all depends on the type of technique you decided to use. And how big he plan on growing your plant. The art techniques so you -- there are various techniques. And some indoor growers spent years being on the court -- being undercover and stealthy they learned how to keep the plants from getting monstrous.
>> What is the growth cycle when you're going marijuana in soil indoors?, Indoor, about a three month cycle. Most growers will try to vegetate the plant for one month and then it is usually a 60 day cycle. You will get about four harvest per year on an indoor growth in Fort outdoor, you are limited to the season so it is usually one grow. That outdoor grow is usually larger plants because you are going anywhere from April to September or up to November. The yields tend to be about the same when all is said and done.
>> Since it is not terribly difficult but not the easiest thing to do, why do people decide to grow their own marijuana as opposed to buying it?
>> It can ease up on the cost. In many cases the grow equipment while in initial outlay and cost the set up is reusable. After you get your first harvest you then continue to get 3 to 5 harvest before you have to start replacing things. In that case if you have done a good job you can yield quite well and save money.
>> What are the regulations regarding personal marijuana cultivation? How many plants can you have?
>> For don't use, you could have six plants per resident so long as you are 21 years or older. For medical use you are still limited to the six plants but you can get an exemption on your recommendation allowing you to cultivate more plants. This is common with medical growers because most medical growers today are not smoking the cannabis, they are taken in an oil form or animals or topical's. To get that oil content in the a lot of plant material just to get a small amount of oil. So the six plants does not do it. So here comes in the exemption so you can grow more.
>> And even though you're going your six plants you're not allowed to sell it?
>> No. It must be kept in your home in a secure area. And you can keep all you can grow. You cannot transported but you can keep it in your house.
>> No marijuana selling possession is still a federal crime even though it is legal to grow California. Do you have any words of caution for people think in growing their own?, It has always been said, while it has been -- while the remainder prohibition, you have to remember the first two rows of fight club, a you do not talk about it and wrote to you do not talk about fight club. People tend to keep their voices down and heads down. And we asked that they continue to do that.
>> Considering what is going on on the federal level.
>> Yes good idea. You also when you do your home growing, you want to be mindful of your neighbors. Keep owners down. And keep the noise levels down. Again do not broadcast what you are doing and you will be fine.
>> I have been speaking with David Newman co-owner and a grower of Soothing Seed in Oceanside . Thank you.
>> Thank you for having me.