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San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Super Bowl Alternatives

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February 2, 2018 1:38 p.m.

San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Super Bowl Alternatives


Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

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>>> This is KPBS Mid-Day Edition. It is Super Bowl weekend, a lot of people will be watching the big game. What if you are just not into the Super Bowl? What else is there to do. Here with some artistic alternatives is Nina Garin. Now you have a weekly arts newsletter, asking readers, if they are excited about the Super Bowl.
>> It was really, amusing. Someone compared to the Super Bowl, like being Jewish on Christmas where everything is cleared. The stores are empty. You can get parking. So for a lot of arts people it is a day when everything is open. Some other people like it, saying it is a good excuse to eat wings. [ LAUGHTER ]
>> So you have recommendations. The first is the full Monty. Is this the same story as the 19 97 -- 1997 movie.
>> Yes, but this version was first staged in San Diego.
>> Is the story the same?
>> Yes, if you remember it is about unemployed steelworkers who have working wives. The wives go and spend their money on girls night out. The men make up an idea on how to make money themselves. It does tell a story about marriage and insecurity from a male perspective.
>> You brought a song from the original Broadway cast. This is scrap.[ SINGING ]
>> That is from the musical version of the full Monty, who is putting on the show in San Diego?
>> This is the San Diego musical theater. This is a small venue and they do make it feel like you are in a nightclub at times.
>> Does the local cast actually go full Monty?
>> That's a surprise. I can't reveal that. I would say, just from the first act, you will see plenty.
>> All right. The full Monty runs through February 25. You have another option for those who don't want to watch the game, the white box live jazz series.
>> This is a month-long series put together by choreographer Jean Isaacs. They paralyzed jazz music -- they pair live jazz music with choreography. It is done in a small theater and you can even get table service.
>> Who is performing this Sunday?
>> This is the Curtis Taylor Quartet, he is known for performing with Gregory Porter.
>> Let's listen to a little bit of the Curtis Taylor court at, this is in the moment. [ MUSIC ] -- Quartet, this is in the moment. [ MUSIC ]
>> Now you have mentioned this is a series, who else will be performing?
>> Steve Baker, the Gypsy swing cats, and Christopher Holly day.
>> White box live jazz happens every Sunday. I have to say, these options don't sound very family-friendly, what if you have kids and you don't want to do the Super Bowl?
>> There is a great family option in Balboa Park. They are doing a Chinese new year Festival. February is the month for lunar new year celebrations. This is the first event, it is smaller and held at the international cottages. There will be come through demonstrations -- kung fu demonstrations. You can buy food, there will be calligraphy, and free dance performances.
>> And that is that Balboa Park on Sunday. The Chinese new year celebration, the first of several coming up in San Diego. Before we go, do you have an arts approved recommendation for anyone who does want to watch the game, where should they go.
>> I think the best is to go to the lot, they are having a party with all-you-can-eat tailgate food, giant screens and a full bar. It is a movie theater, so if you get bored you can duck into the movies. Or your group can even split up and meet up later, for me this is where I would go.
>> I have been speaking with Nina Garin, thank you.[ MUSIC ]