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DACA Deadline Arrives With Diminished Urgency

March 5, 2018 2:52 p.m.

DACA Deadline Arrives With Diminished Urgency


Dulce Garcia, immigration lawyer

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>> Our top story on mid edition. DACA recipient and supporters have been watching -- marching today. It was the beginning of the end of DACA. It would and for the 700,000 young people on the program. But court rulings have changed that. And now the program will continue as a legal battle wages on. Congress has been tasked by the Trump Administration with fixing the program. They have taken no action.
>> Welcome to the program.
>> Thank you.
>> Your among a group of marchers protesting in Washington. Where are you now?
>> I am also meeting with congressional representative in house right now. I'm getting ready to meet with one of them.
>> Can you describe what the march was like?
>> There are several actions going on today. The are rallies. There is a March right outside. Undocumented youth are being arrested. It is a civil action. It is having right outside the line Congress right now. What message is this March are these trying to send?
>> These are critical moments for a lot of us. A lot of us have lost that is already.
>> We will see over thousands of DACA recipient loser status. We have a -- an injunction in place right now. It could be six months to process the application.
>> Anyone who is the country without status should be afraid. It is very terrifying for us. We have also received numbers that come from only 11,000 DACA recipient have been able to renew their DACA status. That's less than half of the people who have lost status.
>> For those of us who live in that region, we are still close to the border where they can pick us up and take us within a matter of hours. It is extremely terrifying. We want to get the message that this crisis is not only over, but it's actually worse now than how we were back in September.
>> There is a sense that the immigration debating Congress has been put on hold. Do you see an opening in a new future for negotiations to resume?
>> That is the hope we have. As long as we continue to be here physically present in DC, we will be of the keep telling us about the urgency of the matter. There is some talk about the spending bill being heard on March 25. We could open the window for somebody with negotiations. Unfortunately, because the White House is adamant about getting along and more agency here in the southern border region, that has really helped that negotiation. When he tries to cut back legal immigration. What he calls G migration. What the White House is demanding has really affected negotiations here in Congress. We are fighting for a bill to actually come to move forward. We have the numbers pushed. We saw some bills fall right out of our eyes. It has been horrifying.
>> We have not lost hope. We have been pushing for what we believe is right. I haven't lost hope. It has been increasingly difficult.
>> Some people have complained that the doctor issue has been overshadowed by the energy among young people to do something about gun control. Have how do you feel about that?
>> I am so impressed by what the young people are doing stepping up what they are doing.
>> I believe that our government has the capacity to hear both issues. I believe our government has the ability to address both issues and deserve both important stuff.
>> Is something that all across -- and needs to be addressed now.
>> We all agreed that you should protect the mission of our country. Most Americans know that this is their home. I think that's quite viable. I don't think they are fighting against each other. I believe that some politicians will probably try to run on that platform. It could start the primaries or even in November. I don't think that one distracts from one another.
>> Your among the plaintiffs sued the Trump Administration over it's move to resend DACA. In the end, do you think you will prevail?
>> Yes. We do not have a solution. This is hurting the Supreme Court. I very much believe in our April protection argument. I think it's viable. We can expect a similar induction that will be issued. It will be the letter that we would when. I think that alone gives me hope. And I do believe in our argument. We have a very strong argument. It would see a status that will go all the way through without a permanent protection in place here in Congress. It comes to it, I do believe that the courts will step in and protect us.
>> I have been speaking with San Diego immigration lawyer who is also an DACA recipient. She speaking to us from Washington, D.C. Thank you.
>> Thank you so much, morning.