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San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Skates, Pom-Poms And One 'Gorgeous' Kid

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March 23, 2018 1:37 p.m.

San Diego's Top Weekend Events: San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Skates, Pom-Poms And One 'Gorgeous Kid'


Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

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>>> This is KPBS midday edition. It is the weekend packed with theaters . There are musicals, comedy. Here with some of the best is KPBS arts calendar editor Nino -- Nina.
>> I think there are too many Cirque du Soleil shows to keep track of. For anyone that has not gone to one what is the general idea?
>> Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian performance troupe, they focus on acrobatics not animals. They use music and allusion to tell a story. You are right, there are tons, and tons of shows. To have about 42 since 1984. They have all of these different themes like fire, water, they had the Beatles one which was called love. They have tons, and tons.
>> We should mention a few days ago a Cirque du Soleil performer died in Florida when he felt during an act. Will have an effect on the performances weekend?
>> No, that accident was in a show called Volta. He fell for -- he fell to his death performing a trick and it puts in perspective how dangerous these tricks and these shows are. The shows in Florida were canceled, but the ones in San Diego are not affected if the differential.
>> This one is called Crystal, what is unique about this one?
>> This is Cirque du Soleil a nice. Is the first time -- ice is the first time they blend Cirque du Soleil acrobats and figure skaters. They have 20 Olympic state -- skaters and they have 20 acrobats. And they will do things like trapeze while wearing ice skate and the ice skaters will be able to do tricks and acrobatics.
>> Soda Cirque du Soleil did -- Ice Capades have a plot?
>> Yes, all Cirque du Soleil has a theme our story. This one is like Alice through the looking glass. There's a girl that foster the ice in a world of imagination. It is a tale of self-discovery, the girl becomes liberated, and empowered.
>> Cirque du Soleil Crystal runs through Sunday at Valley view Casino Center. We go now from ice-skating to cheerleading with the production of bring it on the musical. Which is based on a movie that has a local connection.
>> It does, the movie from 2000 start Kirsten Dunst and Gabriel Union. It's about a champion cheerleading team that discovers is been using the same routines as a rival squad. That movie was set in San Diego, and many of the scenes were filmed here at SDSU, and and local cheer teams were used as extras.
>> How does that movie get turned into a musical?
>> Actually, the book is by Jeff Whitty who wrote a few different other's. That show perfect -- premiered in 2011 and went to Broadway in 2012. Here is a clip from bring it on. This is Friday night Jackson.



>>> [ music ]

>>> Hamilton fans will hear a little bit of familiarity hear from this composer. This came in between two of his more famous works that are really personal for him in the Heights and Hamilton. How does it compare?
>> As you can see, this does sound kind of like Hamilton with maybe Chris Jackson coming in and singing. You can see that he has an ear for storytelling through music. Uses different rhythms and beats introduce different characters, which is very much what he is known for and what he does and Hamilton.
>> Is a story the same as a movie?
>> No, the musical is actually about redistrict him.
>> Oh yes, school redistricting. Is a good Parks and rec's episode.
>> Is a popular cheerleader that goes from her all-white suburban school, and goes into a more diverse inner-city school, that does not have a cheer team, but together they form a squad, and go to nationals.
>> Was putting on the local production?
>> This is the first ever preprofessional show that San Diego musical theater is doing. It's brand-new, it is a bunch of local teams, and they went to a super rigorous audition process but they are being treated and work like professionals.
>> Bring it on the musical runs this weekend to downtown at the Horton musical theater.
>> A standup is coming into town. For many years he wrote Saturday night life. He is known for co-creating the character Stephan with Bill Haider. He had the semi-bio on a graphical that lasted 13 episodes and he also plays a 70-year-old cranky man with his friend and comedian Kroll.
>> Here is a clip from his latest clip.
>> When I was a kid I used to watch America's most wanted. You know how kids deal. I would always think to myself, how can another person kill someone, how can a human being kill another human being? and then I got cheated on and I was like oh okay&.[ laughter ] I'm not going to do it, but I totally get it.
>> So how would you describe this comedy?
>> So he has is like a very fancy persona, he comes across as sweet and innocent, and then suddenly as you see is jokes turn they get crass and inappropriate but because of his demeanor, he gets away with it. Which makes everything even funnier. He's a good storyteller, and he's kind of smarmy and charming at the same time. He does a mix of longer story jokes, and one-liners.
>> He performs Sunday at Jacobs six center, I've been speaking with keeping the -- KPBS arts director Nina. Have a great weekend.
>> Thanks everyone.