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San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Coachella Edition

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April 13, 2018 1:35 p.m.

San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Coachella Edition


Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

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>>> The queen is headed our way. Beyoncé is the headliner of this year's Coachelle music Festival which begins today. We are diving into Coachelle on this we can preview. The lifestyle and scene and the music. Joining me is KPBS editor Nina Garin. Welcome. This festival has exploded in popularity. Tell us about this.
>> This is a lifestyle festival and happens in Indio. It draws 100 thousand people -- numbers show that 20% of the audience comes from San Diego. This is an event that is so big it happens over two weekends. It happens this weekend and the same lineup returns next weekend.
>> In addition to Beyoncé, were some of the headliners?
>> This year is the first year there is no rock band is a main headliner. On Friday we have Coachelle, Saturday is Beyonce, and the rapper Eminem. There are others and they play rock music, St. Vincent, Fleet Fox, Migos, there are also some interesting comebacks, the band from the 90s will play again. David Byrne , and now Rogers and chic. There is a lot going on besides Beyoncé.
>> Coachelle is about discovering upcoming talents, also.
>> One of the most anticipated is Cardi B. [Music] that is the song that is so popular it's always on the radio. Her first album just came out a few days ago, and everyone is excited about that. Other wants to watch our Angel Olson, she will soon be collaborating with Pearl Jam. There is a female rapper I like called Noname. She is like a poet and then there is Moses Sumney, an L.A. singer with a beautiful voice. He was on the Oscars and performed with Stevenson I brought a clip of his. [Music]
>> What about surprises? There is usually a surprise guest appearance.
>> Of course we don't know, but there have been rumors -- people really want to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Also Destiny's Child may come back for a reunion, The Weeknd is a weekend -- musician that collaborates with many people. People are hoping that some of the talking heads will return to play with David Byrne. There is the group Migos, they were the surprise guest last year for so many musicians that they earned their own spot this year. I would think that some people will be visiting them this time around.
>> We were talking a lot about music, of course Coachelle, and it has evolved into more than a music festival.
>> It is just lifestyle now. It is emblematic of Southern California. It was even referred to in the movie Black Panther. It is in the consciousness. There are also stores that carry clothing that is just for festival season. Coachelle is also known for its parties. There will be a Rachel so, she will have her party over there. And there may be a secret pool party fashion show. Just everything.
>> What is about -- what is it about this festival that makes it a gold standard?
>> Proximity to L.A. It attracts a lot of celebrities. The hot weather is another thing, because people can wear little clothing and the ritual of getting ready as part of it. There are a lot of beautiful homes in Palm Springs where you can have big parties. The location itself, it is in the desert but grassy, so it is like an oasis. If you are there at sunset, everything is pink, the palm trees are outlined black and it looks just the postcard of what Southern California should be. [Music]
>> And sense Coachelle takes place on two consecutive weekends, some bands will hang out and play at San Diego venues on the weekends in between, so who is coming to town next week?
>> He will be in San Diego. Other bands you can catch our Fleet foxes, alt-J, Miguel, and we will have a list on KPBS of the complete lineup of the bands in San Diego. Try to see David Byrne and perfume genius. He was here last night but he is coming back on Tuesday. I brought a clip of his opener, perfume genius.
>> What about those of us who are not going? Is there a way for us to still experience all of this?
>> Yes. If you are interested in the photos and what people are wearing, instagram is the place to go. If you want to watch performances, you too will be live streaming about 75 of the performances, so you can go to YouTube/Coachella and you can watch the bands that are performing. Beyoncé will be one of the bands you can see.
>> I have been speaking with Nina Garin. Thank you.