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San Diego County Board Of Supervisors Votes To Support Trump ‘Sanctuary’ State Lawsuit

April 18, 2018 2:53 p.m.

San Diego County Board Of Supervisors Votes To Support Trump ‘Sanctuary’ State Lawsuit


Jean Guerrero, fronteras reporter, KPBS News

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>> The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday, to support the Trump administration lawsuit against California sanctuary state laws. The action will allow the board to file a friend of the court brief that the first available opportunity. The window for amicus briefs has closed. But, maybe open if the lawsuit is appealed. The largely symbolic vote was preceded by nearly an hour of public testimony, K PBS Jean Guerrero attended yesterday's meeting and joins us now.
>> Thanks for having me.
>> What was the mood like during the public testimony?
>> There were a lot of people there. A lot of them had come from out-of-town places like LA, even Las Vegas. Most of them were against the lawsuit but 12 were in favor of joining the Trump lawsuit. There was a lot of emotion. People holding up signs, a lot of very large size, and groans, while people are getting out there testimony, and a lot of strongly which used on both sides. People who were against joining accusing others on the Board of Supervisors of doing this to advance their political careers, and doing it to the media spotlight. People in favor of joining the lawsuit were using words like invasions, and epidemics. In reference to people who are here illegally.
>> Were most of the people who identified themselves out-of-town, were they in support of joining the trumpet ministration lawsuit?
>> That is right. A lot of the people were a part of the 12 who were in favor of joining the Trump lawsuit.
>> How did each of the supervisors vote, and why only four votes?
>> There were only four votes because Ron Roberts was out of town so he was absent. Kristin, Diane, and Bill voted in favor. Saying that San Diego County was safer before sanctuary loss. The laws limit cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration officials, which they say results and ultimately fewer deportations of immigrants who commit crimes. Greg was the one who voted against joining the lawsuit, calling it a waste of taxpayer dollars. And saying it will actually make the community less safe by discouraging immigrants from reporting crimes and discouraging witnesses from coming forward.
>> Is the deadline to file has passed, did the supervisor give an explanation as to why the county was moving forward with it anyway?
>> Yes, she said it was almost 100% certain that there would be an appeal of whatever decision is made. That which point the county could take action.
>> What has been the reaction to those folks so far?
>> Many immigrant groups and officials have come out saying that they are disappointed in the decision, that it is not representative of San Diego. Tony said that the action was misguided, and that the bills in question make the area safer by encouraging immigrants to come out of the shadows, and not fear police, and crimes.
>> Earlier today we spoke with [ Inaudible ] here is her reactions.
>> Where they stand on the issue, a message that they are standing with the administration, and with this Trump administration, and not with the rest of California. That they are trying to resist the changes that are happening in our state. And that they are not trying to send a message that, certain individuals are not welcome into our community. That certain individuals are less important.
>> Remind us of the legal arguments being made.
>> Essentially the Trump administration says that these laws are unconstitutional. They say that the laws limit the federal government's ability to do its job. By enforcing immigration laws. Precisely because they limit the cooperation between local law enforcement and the federal government.
>> That was Lillian Serrano of the immigration rights.
>> That is one of the things that is being said on Twitter right now, and among people who support sanctuary law, Kristin Gaspar is a candidate for the 49th Congressional District and some of the people who support sanctuary loss say they plan to vote against her for this decision and to come out in large numbers. Of course many others are glad that she voided this way and are expressing plans to support her.
>> Do you suspect we will continue to hear about other cities joining the lawsuit or exempting themselves from these laws?
>> It's possible. We have already hard from about one dozen different places in California. It wouldn't be surprising. Although the fact that the deadline for the amicus brief has passed, makes it less likely. I do think that it is possible we hear from more places.
>> I have been speaking with Jean Guerrero, thank you.
>> Think you.
>> -- Thank you.