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San Marcos-Based RealDoll Launches AI Sex Dolls

April 20, 2018 10:51 a.m.

San Marcos is home to RealDolls, a company that makes sex dolls and is about to release its first model with artificial intelligence.

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>>> This is KPBS Midday Edition and I'm Maureen Cavanaugh. Send Marcos is homes this may come to real doll. They make sex dolls and will be releasing their artificial intelligent one this month. We took a tour of the facility and spoke with the creator and CEO
>> Walking into real dolls production facility, silicone bodies hanging from hooks on an assembly line some have eerily human heads attached while others have thereby guide robotic faces exposed. And now the dolls have artificial intelligence.
>> I am a dynamic artificial intelligence.
>> Matt McMullen created harmony.
>> I created a system comprised of an artificial intelligence engine that's customizable so you can create a unique personality and they can be connected to robotic head
>> McMullen is CEO of real doll and send Marcos.
>> We think it will give people the ability to rather than imagine a personality for their tall they will be able to be part of the creation.
>> Pop culture has been fascinated by the potential benefits as well as possible dangers posed by machines with AI.
>> Not so much the technology to be feared but the intent. For us, a lot of our focus is on people who benefit from having a presence in their life, who cannot find the way to bond with another human being for whatever reason.
>> Fate let McMullen to the Sex Dolls industry . He worked with a Halloween company and learn how to make masks and work with silicone.
>> At some point I decided I wanted to make a life-size sculpture. A realistic mannequin that was poseable and looked real enough that people would look twice.
>> That compelled some people to ask if it was anatomically correct.
>> At first I dismissed it then I saw an opportunity to do what I love doing and make a living doing it.
>> That's not something every artist can take advantage of. But mention Sex Dolls and you get either a knee-jerk reaction of laughter were discussed.
>> The anger or animosity that people show really is a reaction to the airings piety.
>> He says we don't know much about Sex Dolls users because they are reclusive group Dickman ties by society.
>> People can have a feeling they have to be weird for that to be your thing. Let's keep in mind that only when generation of secs toys were -- of sex toys were perverts.
>> The psychologist John McConnell points ever changing attitudes on sex
>> Anything because away from the norm of heterosexual six to have children but now deviant means anything somebody would do that I would not do.
>> In an odd way that sensibility also drives McMullen.
>> I have a moral compass and -- I do not want to make animals or children or anything I find objectionable or does not feel right.
>> He makes male and female adult dolls that range in price from $4000 to $7000. He ships an average of seven a week. A full AI robot is about $12,000. A customizable could run you $50,000.
>> When something becomes a Sex Dolls it's to qualified -- is disqualified as art.
>> Helmut Newton would seem to agree. He came to his home to photograph a real doll and it pleases McMullen to see his dolls used outside of the secs -- the sex spotlight he sees each doll is a work of art. David peters says when Des sex doll users will be able to share that openly.
>> People are coming out of the closet and wanting to be accepted and this will find its next time in line.
>> My main objective is to be a good companion for you.
>> A Sex Dolls just opened in Germany.