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Voters Focus On Housing And Environment In District 5 Supervisors Race

May 1, 2018 12:30 p.m.

The term limit for the current San Diego County District 5 supervisor, Bill Horn, is up. Now, four candidates are vying for his seat while voters weigh in on what matters most to them.

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>>> The term limit for the current district 5 County supervisor Bill Horn is up. Now for candidates are vying for his seat. They include two Democrats Michelle Gomez and Jacqueline R Savard along with two Republicans Jim Desmond, and Ramon -- Jerome Kern. As Jade Heineman reports, the growing pains of development are what matter most to district by voters -- five Voters.
>> Reporter: We stopped in Oceanside were family owned restaurants lined the beach streets of the small beach town.
>> It is an improvement improving community. The weather is fantastic and the community is nice because you see Friday.
>> Reporter: While there is a lot to enjoy, the voters he will hear from feel that there is a lot to threaten the quality of life. Ask any resident and they will tell you --
>> All of the trims I see are positive other than the homeless people. I have been here a few years. Each year it seems to increase in numbers. I don't have a solution for it.
>> The neighboring police officers will bring homeless people to Oceanside and dump them.
>> Instead of the shell game, people are being moved from one area to another, there could be initiatives taken to help their interest.
>> Reporter: All candidates field using open land to build affordable housing will help ease homelessness. For some people like Julia Rivera who lives in the unincorporated area of the county.
>> Reporter: More development is the last thing she wants to see on this quiet Valley Center Hillside.
>> I love it. That is the reason why we try to live here. We wanted to find this kind of place. It is beautiful.
>> Reporter: She said she moved here to get away from the traffic, the crowds, the pollution. It is the part of growth and development not even some Oceanside residents like Michelle Jenkins wants to see.
>> My streets on the weekends are so crowded with people from the out of area trying to park and people leaving their trash on the streets before they leave the beach. And drive home. I think there is a lot of growing issues that we did not foresee exactly.
>> Reporter: Candidates say Walt new developments in affordable housing may be controversial, growth is inevitable. The question is where will new developments be built and which area will have to least environmental impact. Republican candidates Jim Desmond and Jerry Kern both support the development of housing. For current that includes selling agricultural land that is not making money. Democratic candidates also want to build housing. Gomez was succeeded in the western part of the unincorporated area and R Savard what's a seatbelt near already existing developments. As housing developments are contemplated, residents like him wait say there needs to be a plan to accommodate more traffic.
>> I have been a long-term supporter of emissions controls. I have been electric vehicle owner for many years. But we have the freeway white right behind us. It is important to have access down to the corridor here. It is a real challenge.
>> Reporter: Jim Desmond wants more HOV lanes while Jerry Kern wants right road repairs. Gomez and R Savard what's to invest in public transit, R Savard wants to spend money on technology. The talent for each candidate is to have a plan that balances growth with Conservation. Jade Heineman KPBS news.