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California Leaders Opposed To Sanctuary Law Will Meet With Trump

May 16, 2018 1:41 p.m.

California Leaders Opposed To Sanctuary Law Will Meet With Trump


Scott Shafer, editor, KQED politics and government desk

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>> This is KPBS Midday Edition, I am a Maureen Cavanaugh. San Diego County and supervisor congressional candidate Kristin Gaspar are at the White House today for meeting with President Trump. They are joining 16 other California Republican politicians who have expressed support for the administration's lawsuit against California sanctuary state laws. Both Kristin Gaspar and the other supervisor. I am joined with the editor Scott Shafer. Scott welcome.
>> Thank you.
>> What is the purpose?
>> It's a little bit of policy and politics. Mostly politics I would say. As you said there is growing concern especially in the more conservative parts of California about California's sanctuary state law, we have seen the attorney general Jeff sessions go to Sacramento to allow the announced that he was in California and was at the border with the vice presidents, just I think last week. And clearly, there is a sincere opposition to this policy on the part of some local officials and law-enforcement folks. There's also the opportunity a politics that's why I think Kevin McCarthy, the majority leader is going to be at this meeting as well. He wants to hold onto his majority in the Republican led house. That is very much what this meeting is about as well.
>> Does the administration and/or state Republicans, do they think they have a winning political message in opposing the states sanctuary laws?
>> Well, it's not a winning message statewide. When it comes to issues like the dreamers, or the wall, it's sort of a vast consensus in California people opposing the wall, they support the dreamers but on century state, or local sanctuary laws, it's much more split down the middle, especially in places like the congressional district where Darrell Issa is retiring. Steve nights district up in Palmdale and I think they see that this issue of sanctuary state could be a wedge issue, both to drive up turnout and to enforce the Democrats who are running for those seats to a difficult position to take either alienating some of their Democratic bays or more of the moderate voters in the district so they see it as a good issue, locally not so much statewide.
>> So from what I understand, in addition to President Trump Attorney General Jeff sessions, immigration and customs and enforcement leaders will be at this meeting? Is there anything at all substance to result from this meeting or is it all sort of a political showcase?
>> Well, my guess is there will be talking about the policy about the lawsuit, that the Trump administration has filed against California. And then maybe turning that into talking points to make sure that everyone who opposes the sanctuary state law is more or less on the same page. And then probably to get an update from immigration, to see how these policies are going to be implemented at the border. Just to kind of update everybody and sort of consolidate this little coalition they've got going.
>> I have been speaking with KQED's politics and government editor, Scott Shafer. Thank you.
>> Not everyone has approved the vote to support the trumpet ministration lawsuit. This statement was released in reaction. I voted against the county joining the federal administration's lawsuit against the states California values act. As I have said before, I believe the problem lies in Washington DC we need leaders and both parties to finally come up with comprehensive immigration reform. And yesterday, in closed session in a San Diego city Council, they voted 5 to 2 in support of California sanctuary laws. San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulkner says that he opposes the city Council vote, he released a statement which says, San Diego is one of the safest big cities in the country, with public safety policies that have worked under both Republican and Democratic administrations. We have no plans to change them.