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San Diego Vocalist Lorena Isabell On The Making Of Her Debut Album ‘Hoy’

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May 31, 2018 1:29 p.m.

San Diego Vocalist Lorena Isabell On The Making Of Her Debut Album ‘Hoy’


Lorena Isabell, vocalist

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She sang even when singing was dangerous in her native country. Now Latin bohemian singer Lorena Isabell is taking a giant step in her career in her adopted hometown of San Diego. Since emigrating from Chile to San Diego nearly 20 years ago Isabel has been quietly performing in smaller venues around town. Now she's releasing her first album a compilation of Romantic boleros. Called.

These displaced. They both. Feel. Both.

Joining me is singer Loretta Ysabel. Loretta welcome. Thank you. Thank you for having me. After spending all these years performing around San Diego why did you decide it was finally time to release an album.

It started with a promise. I realized that the new year has passed other personal situations and I decided there was time and you know one thing that some when you decide to take a step ahead of doing something like this and my age and many other psychological obstacles and society obstacles that I have to face through this process. You didn't before and I thought that was a time to do it. But the words were very important reason when I did decided to do that and then Linda with the right people and suddenly all the doors were opened. Why boleros is a romantic Bolla in that talks about love and talks about relationships and talks about the the moment in a very successful during the 1940s 50s all the way to 60s and identify the Latin American community through just one gender of style which is the song of Plato. It's like would say jazz in the states in the end the music doing the anointed 50 with Frank Sinatra more soft music and even Villacis song. Some of them famous Vallejos backed them well is the music that identify the entire Latino America in a romantic mood.

And what about the song you've recorded it almost 20 years ago. Why did you pick it for the title track of this album.

I wanted to focus on the present right now and it just happened. Then the important song was original from one would Oni's. We took that name and we named the album OIII which mean today I wanted to focus just in right now. I didn't want to think about the past or the future and what it made me. Oiii because the promise that I make one that one day I will record the song. We recorded this song 18 19 years ago.

And then one approached me you know why this song that you recorded actually and I really unfortunate situation. Basically we didn't the letter the lyric from the paper right there got Selecta for this. This movie price of glory and it just happened in the West the first coproduction between Hollywood and Mexico 18 years ago. Sausan.

You began saying while you were still a school girl and she left and your parents told you it was dangerous. Why.

Because there was a dictatorship government started in 1973 it was three years old. And of course I grew up in that kind of government and many family did feel because they were part of the you know the support of the government and the general population which was middle class down. Of those those that lost a lot of family in 1973 the whole country the whole demeanor of regard in arts the music was pretty much pushed down. Many bands back them were exiled. Many great artists would exile families were exiled. So we've stayed in the country where the does remain quiet though we couldn't really voice or beliefs when other. Windows could.


Tell us about the song media no Che.

No it was composed by Salinas at the time and Selena specifically he was part of the musical band. It was more than a musical band an equal entity Manni very well known around the world. And now they they get excited because with the music that we're seeing and so the only song that came from that band written by these two great composers and was merely a note he was the only love song that had that say nothing about the dictatorship government. That's what I picked it and I picked it because obviously I grew up with the money music and most of the music that the song I sang during my time of 17 18 and until I left the country. Still.

Dream of ghetto bus. So.

How did growing up under that sort of restriction. How did that shape you as an artist. Do you think it's just so cheap.

I would not be the person that I am if I didn't which was something that I truly didn't. A house that has many of the people back them but I disparage the spirit. The fact of having edited it should go women are having a repressive government go into your home opening your doors and just everybody out the music tape the entire country. I believe that the did a shift Gonnerman did kill the soul of the Chilean community the Chilean culture. But fortunately those banned the exile were able to carry them music around the world to survive the way how we think the way I sing the way how I managed myself in life the way I see any culture. Well medical situation or government. I see it from that point of view and been for handes believe in a dictatorship government.

Next weekend you'll be performing at the Music Box in Little Italy with a 19 piece orchestra. Yes that's a big change from the smaller performances that have been doing. How different does that feel.

Is the first time that I won't be able to sing with my guitar. So I'll be standing by myself. It will be a surprise in that concert I will grab the guitar. It's going to give a little hint of who I am and why did I do. What did I do back then 20 years to. But yes it's going to be quite experienced. I am really looking forward to seeing what 19 Outkast and the musicians are great.

Singer Lorena Ysabel will be performing music from her new album Joy at the Music Box in Little Italy on Sunday June 10th. Loretta thank you. Thank you for having me.