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Midday Edition 2018 Primary Election Special

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June 6, 2018 1:26 p.m.

Midday Edition 2018 Primary Election Special


Thad Kousser, political science professor and political science department chair, UC San Diego

Summer Stephan, San Diego County District Attorney

Sheriff Bill Gore, San Diego County

Alison St John, KPBS reporter

Nathan Fletcher, former California State Assemblymember

Bonnie Dumanis, former San Diego County District Attorney

Jade Hindmon, KPBS reporter

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>>> The one who lost, and who is moving on to the general election in November. It is our primary election Roundup. This is KPBS Midday Edition.

>>> I am Maureen Cavanaugh . It is Wednesday, June 6. California's primary elections attracted millions of dollars and national attention over the last month. It looks like a disappointing turnout at the pulse. Here is San Diego County registrar of voters Michael Vu.
>> If you add in what was already in account we will have a 27% turnout. It rivals the 2010 guberanatorial primary election where we saw an 18% turnout. What I will say is the people who turned out for this election compared to 2010 it will be higher.

>>> The primary cuts through an extraordinary number of candidates in the governors race in the 49th congressional district. Joining me to talk about how different California politics looks today than yesterday is Van Hauser medical science professor and political science department chair. Welcome to the program. It is no surprise that Democrat Gavin Newsom came out on top in the primary. The race was always for second place to move on to the general election. Let's hear what the candidates had to say last night.
>> Our values are under assault. We are engaged in an epic battle. It looks like voters will have a real choice this November between a governor who will stand up to President Donald Trump and a foot soldier in his war on California.
>> We can continue the status quo which is what Gavin Newsom represents with high taxes, homeless on the streets, bad roads, mismanaged schools, mismanaged water supplies, mismanaged forests or we could go to a businessman who has had a 40 year career of delivering results.

>>> That was Gavin Newsom and a John Cox who came in second in the guberanatorial race. With the Republican Party in California drew declining, how did a Republican managed to make it to second place?
>> This is a surprise for we happily -- actually have a two-party system. The Democratic desk of the Republican Party is the third-biggest force still managed to have strength in the numbers the party has to call less behind one candidate John Cox who went in this race in part added by its weight by president donald trump. He separated himself by Travis Island -- Allen who is his ideological twin but did not have the backing. It shows that there are only about 5 million Republicans left in California. That makes a difference. That got John Cox through to this general election.

>>> With John Cox on the ballot, what does it mean for districts like the 49th which Democrats need to take back the house in November?
>> I don't think, unless FBI -- John Cox's election makes noise, I don't think this will drive turnout in the 49th district in San Diego where the contested districts where the Democrats need to retake the house. One way to look at this is this is a good showing of Republican strength by how well John Cox did compared to other Democrats, the other way to look at it was how many Democratic votes were for Democrats versus Republicans. There were 61.3 % of the vote went to all the other candidates combined which is up from four years ago when Jerry Brown and the other Democratic contestant had 55% of the vote in the primary at this time. That shows the Democratic base is still growing in this blue state that is getting bluer. That bodes well for districts like the 49th.

>>> Even though Dianne Feinstein won decisively in the primary, she still faces challenger Kevin de Leon in November. The daily undo with you have to do the primary?
>> Kevin de Leon survived. He needed to get through to have any chance of wending.'s campaign is treading water. This is someone within amazing personal story coming out of San Diego barrio Logan growing up and ascending to the highest position in state Senate being a dominant officeholder a champion of many liberal causes. He has no money to tell a story to get his name in front of voters who are by and large satisfied with Diane Feinstein. The fact that he was so far behind Dianne Feinstein she was 40 something % he was 11%. That will send a signal of weakness to his funders. I don't see them coming to the rescue. It does not look like Kevin de Leon will be able to mount a serious challenge unless something changes the dynamics of the race.

>>> A lot has been made nationally of California's top two primary. What is your take on the influence in the selection?
>> I think both parties survived the top two. Republicans were at risk of getting shut out. The governors race was worried about it. They had a lot of imaginations to get there and they survived with John Cox on the ballot. They did not survive to get to in the Senate race. Some of the other statewide ballot offices also. If you are a voter, you want a chance to Vos -- voice your parties position. The Democrats survived on the congressional districts. There were three districts were rated -- they worried about not having anyone on the ballot. They were able to survive. That was partly because their party was doing things like writing attack ads on Rocky Chavez and writing things to prop up other unknown Democrats. In the 76 assembly district, a battleground districts, a seat formerly held by Rocky Chavez, it looks like two Democrats are going through in November.

>>> We will talk more about that a little later. And more on the local elections coming up ahead. You are listening to KPBS Midday Edition.

>>> San Diego County races are the only races that can be settled without a runoff. Candidates that received at least 50% of the vote +1 our declared winners. In the interim DA race summer Stefan is the winner gaining 67% of the vote over Genevieve Jones right. Summer Stefan joins us now. Welcome to the program. You are ahead in the DAs race by a substantial margin. What is that attributed to?
>> I think it is about our community and our neighborhoods. I cannot tell you the amount of support I received it is so heartening. Everything from the service workers at hotels that I am eating at to our janitorial staff to top executives. It is a broad-based support. I think it is because the truth resonated. My campaign was about not a political message. It was about victims rights, community safety, that resonated with a broad base and everyone.

>>> The latest results show that a third of voters chose your opponent. I am wondering how do you intend to address those supporters who are calling for change in the office you lead?
>> I think by actually having the conversations and communicating and communicating about things that we need to communicate better about in the DAs office. We actually had named a lot of changes. We are considered the leading office in the way that we do reforms that are safe and effective that create win win situations desk solutions like what we have done in juvenile justice reducing the pipeline by 49%. I think we often see in the headlines the bad news. This is when there is a horrific murder. We don't communicate enough about those reforms and changes. It is my mission to make sure we communicate better about those.

>>> This was a contentious campaign or it became that. There were dueling press conferences and negative TV ads on both sides. Have you reached out to your opponent?
>> I have not reached out to her. I want to give her her space. I am sure that it is very difficult to run a campaign. And the results and the support the community has for my campaign. I am proud of the campaign we ran. It was purely on merits. It was nothing personal about my opponent. It was simply about asking my community to choose experience and a nonpolitical agenda versus an experiment.

>>> I want to thank you very much. I've been speaking with the apparent DA elect summer Stephan, thank you very much. I would like to speak with you a moment again. What do you make of the hundreds of thousands of dollars poured into the campaign to support challenger Genevieve Jones right for the public safety pack. Why didn't the strategy work?
>> I think George Soros have tried to engage in the grassroots and spend money in races that are not contested or contentious. They poured money from outside cities and counties into these DA races. They have been unsuccessful. I think this shows that when it comes down to it, voters are controlled -- concerned about police misconduct, I think when it comes to DA races, voters are siding with law and order.

>>> We will return. You are listening to KPBS Midday Edition.

>>> The San Diego shares race pitted Bill Gore against Commander Dave Myers. In the end, it appears sheriff Bill Gore won a third term in office beating his challenger by 56 to 43% of the vote. Sheriff GORE joins us now. Congratulations. What are your thoughts on the campaign?
>> I try to say in all of my campaigns, public safety is nonpartisan. That is the campaign I tried to run in San Diego. It is difficult when everything seems to be partisan. I worked for hard to get endorsements across the political spectrum from Republicans and Democrats. I think I did that well. Public safety is not a partisan issue. Hopefully we can get to the business of keeping San Diego County safe.

>>> Did the challenge focus your idea for a third storm -- Term Focus you more?
>> We talk about them weekly in command staff meetings. That are homeless issues in our communities. A transition of 40,000 inmates from state prisons to county jails and the challenges that that poses for Cheris -- Sheriffs all over the state. Those are things we are focused on as we move forward in the next four years. We talked about on the show before that I am the largest provider of mental health help in San Diego County. That is a sad commentary of middle healthcare not only in the state but the country we have to do a better job.

>>> As he mentioned, in San Diego County jail suicides are increasing. What plans you have to address that? I know a recent report came out saying that the jails should ask the county for more resources. Do you plan to do that?
>> We have tripled the amount of money we spent on mental health care in our facilities. Next year it will be $20 million. There is a lot written about suicides in jails. One death is too many. I take exception to the information that came out in the series of articles 4 years ago. It was not good statistical analysis.

>>> Many issues came up about an energetic campaign that you had for your reelection. One of them was that you said you were going to be taking on a fresh review of the somehow case. Is a review underway?
>> It is underway. When we took that we asked the attorney for the somehow case to furnish all of the expert testimony he had that he used in the civil case. We want to review that. Obviously, there was nine out of the 12 jurors that came up with a finding that somehow Adam Scheck now was responsible for Rebecca's death. We are looking at that. We are keeping an open mind. We are having detectives that were not originally involved in the investigation look into this. We set up a time for 60 or 90 days.

>>> Your opponent, Dave Meyer, said you moved him out of his supervisor position when you ran against him. Would you be moving him back to the position?
>> That remains to be seen. Mr. Myers is off today. We will work tomorrow to see where he appropriately fits in our command structure.

>>> You have no plans at this time ?
>> If I did, it is an issue they came out in the campaign of what I can and cannot talk about. I don't want to violate Mr. Myers rights. We will be having discussions. We will be discussing his future in the next couple of days.

>>> I've been speaking with San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore. Congratulations on your reelection.

>>> The 49th congressional district open seat was the hottest political contest not just in San Diego but across the country. Joining us is KPBS reporter Allison St. John. It appears Republican Diane Harkey has landed on the top of the heat -- keep of candidates. We spoke with her last night .
>> in my method is solid. No taxes and lower taxes. Reduce regulations. We need border security. We need to support issues in DC that work for California.

>>> There she is. The no tax message. Diane Harkey is the one that Darrell Issa who she is running to replace endorsed when he backed out in January. This no tax issue is powerful with Republican voters. That is probably what sunk Rocky Chavez's campaign where people thought he would come out on top because of the television ad that slammed him for approving the California budget that included more taxes. At this rate, we have one Republican at the top. Rocky Chavez is down on the list. It is one Republican, one Democrat. If they split that vote, it would've been to Republican set-top.

>>> That was the concern that there might be a shutout in the 49 district because of the top two primary peer that does not seem to have happened. Which Democrat won second place?

>>> So far it is Mike 11. He is an environmental attorney. He did not win the endorsement of the Democratic Party. He can close this got 53% of the endorsement party conference. He is running at 17 %. But Diane Harkey is right behind 2% of the vote between. There is a lot to count. I mean Sarah Jacobs.

>>> We heard from Mike Levin and here is what he said.
>> I think we have had enough of the Darrell Issa style republican. I think Diane Harkey is Issa 2.0. I think we will be able to make our case quite strongly in the month ahead like we will clearly represent the people in the district did not just a very wealthy.

>>> That is Mike Levin. If you add up the Democratic and Republican percentages, which party do you think is poised to do well in November?
>> It is very close. Is 45 or 50% when you add up the four Democrats including Paul Kerr who came in at 5%. The same applies to the Republicans. They have more than 45% but we also have independent voters that make up a heavy percentage 26% of the whole voting population of the district. If we have one Democrat and one Republican running, it is a tossup.

>>> If it does end up being Mike Levin against Diane Harkey, what does it mean that the 49th district seat could be filled by someone not from San Diego?
>> There were several candidates from San Diego Christine Gasper and Rocky Chavez who did not get the support of the Voters. And in the case of the Democrats, we had three San Diego Democrats. It was the orange County Democrat who came through. I don't know if it will make a difference really. We noticed tran 20 4K down to Golden Hall last night. She lives in Orange County and made the effort to come down. I think she has already represented northern San Diego County has a and simply woman in the paths. As for Mike Levin he spent a lot of time in the San Diego campaign. I think each of them were represent San Diego.

>>> Speaking of Rocky Chavez, he did not run for reelection in the 76th reelection because he ran for Congress. Now it looks like two Democrats will face off in November in the Republican leaning 76 district. How did that happen?
>> That happened because of the cork at the top two. We saw this in the few races before. Republicans had a lot of good candidates. Democrats had too. They split half the vote two ways. Now this district, Republicans will be voiceless in a swing district when we get to the fall. That is a victory for the Democratic Party. I don't think it is good for democracy. It also shows the really stark transition that North County San Diego has moved from battleground to the assembly level of district.

>>> I want to thank you Allison St. John for being with us. Mr. Hauser will stay with us. Coming up our show continues with a look at the 50th congressional district in the Board of Supervisors race. I am Maureen Cavanaugh and you are listening to KPBS Midday Edition.

>>> Live in the KPBS I am Deb Welsh. Hellfire officials says an evacuation warning has been issued as the recycle firing capital continues to grow. The fire has now grown to at least 75 acres. Paul Ryan is breaking with president donald trump agreeing with others who say there is no evidence that the FBI planted a spy in trumps 2016 presidential campaign. The White House says President Donald Trump has commuted the sentence of a woman whose case was championed by Kim Kardashian West. Alice Marie Johnson has spent more than two decades in federal prison for drug offenses. A federal judge has ruled the Trump administration cannot cut off grants to Philadelphia over the way the city deals with immigrants in the country illegally. Philadelphia calls itself a sanctuary city. Lawyers representing nearly 200 Democrats in Congress plan to argue in court Thursday that the president is violating the Constitution by accepting for state favors without first seeking approval. The Justice Department which has filed for dismissal of the case declined to comment. Boston University is paired with Johnson & Johnson to help fight lung cancer. School officials announced today that company will pay for a new lung center at the University where researchers were work to prevent and cure the disease. Now your updated forecast from the weather Channel.

>>> A trough of low pressure moves inland today strengthening marine layer and lowering temperatures. It will weaken for the end of the business week and the weekend. That means the marine layer weekend temperatures warm for the weekend. Sunshine mixing with the clouds. 67 to 72 the Coast. Inland temperatures the mid 70s. Mid-50s tonight Thursday and Friday low clouds and fog giving away to plenty of afternoon sun. Up there's -- upper 60s to low 70s on the Coast. Over the weekend, mostly sunny skies. 70s on the Coast. Mid-80s Midland. The Imperial Valley, sunny skies, 68 tonight, and sunny skies Thursday and Friday. You can reserve and on the water venue for parties and corporate events with 360 degrees views of San Diego Bay. Visit

>>> Scott Bass is also here with our surf report.

>>> We have a continuation of the small mix about the North and the south. The surface at the 2 to 3 feet range. Were common other wave South swell peaks with each peaks offering long peeling left. The South swell magnets. We have a Southwest Brees that is peaking at 2 PM between seven and 10 miles an hour. High tide seven -- 7:02 PM. We have significant South swell and a high plus zone in Dallas for every this week as well is tropical disturbances below. Surf reports made possible by Alaskan Airlines.

>>> I am Deb Welch KPBS news San Diego.

>>> This is KPBS's KPBS Midday Edition primary Roundup.

>>> I have to go surfing now that I got the report.

>>> We are off to the 50th congressional race right now. It is not as much as a question mark as Darrell Issa's open seat. But the investigation into Duncan Hunter's use of campaign funds, was that possibly to loosen the hold of the hold of the Republican. But they still won 48% of the vote with Democrat Amar Kutch are coming in at 16%. Here he is speaking about his goals moving forward.
>> We will make the case economically about why we think people's best days are forward. After 40 years of that family, I think that you can tell that there is complacency coming from Congressman Hunter. He has not done enough for the district. The vote showed that last night.

>>> Traditionally a investigation like this would have hurt reelection bid. Why is that not the case here.
>> When the FBI is using the same sentence as your name over again . But Duncan Hunter is far outpacing any of his rivals. But he is at 48% of the vote right now. Overall for a Republican vote this is a solid red district and one where Voters you in decibel year in and year out has elected somebody named Duncan Hunter. It will take something more than whispers and allegations more like an indictment to change the outcome of the race.

>>> Congressman Hunter was not in San Diego yesterday to see the votes coming. It seems to be his strategy is to keep as low-profile as possible. Here is what he had to say about the race back in April.
>> My debates for this election have been done for the last nine years. All of my stuff is on the Internet. You can see every single vote. That's what people can look at if they still think that I can do the job or not. We are still extremely effective, passing more laws than anybody else, and the San Diego area, and we will keep fighting for the people, border security, jobs, and a strong national security.

>>> Since -- is that the low-profile that Hunter should be doing?
>> I think so. He is not running scared right now. I think his politics are right for this district. His name is right for this district. The only thing that is wrong is some of the issues that have come up with him personally. I think tasting himself out of the race which he is doing by not even being in the district at this time come of that makes sense as a strategy.

>>> Considering the number of independent voters that are now in the 50th district, is this district as Republican as it used to be?
>> This is still a district where recent polls show that President Donald Trump has more people approve of him then disapprove a rarity in California. This district has 64% of the voters who had the R after their name. It is really the city is read as Californias blue at a state level.

>>> As far as you can see, Congressman Hunter, in case he does not get any bad news from the FBI are the government, he is pretty much a lock for this?
>> Yes. I don't think Democrats will be targeting this district anymore unless another legal shoe drops. And that brings it into play. A Democrat is there on the ballot for voters to go to if they want to move away from Duncan Hunter.

>>> We will be coming back to you for more election commentary in a few minutes.

>>> The race for the district for seat on the San Diego Board of Supervisors attracted a number of candidates and a huge amount of advertising. Much of that advertising was directed against Democrat Nathan Fletcher. Poll results showed that Nathan came out on top by a narrow margin. He will face Bonnie to menace in the fall. Nathan Fletcher joins us now. How do you think your campaign overcame the negative ads directed your way?
>> I think the voters in the district sent a clear and compelling message. They will reject the Trump approach and the Republican funded lies in the Board of Supervisors devoted to take our tax dollars to advance President Donald Trump's agenda in California they want to go in the new direction. When you look at the results, he shows a clear and compelling message that folks are ready for change at the board. They are ready to elect a new Democrat and a new leadership that will drive our county in a new direction that will invest and protect our environment. Cable protector refugees and immigrants. It will make neighborhoods a priority. I think it was a resounding message. We were shocked at the level of support we had. We were very encouraged and the like -- excited about the election.

>>> You were one of four Democrats in this race. Do you think you can earn the respect of voters who were four other Democrats in November?

>>> I don't think there's any doubt of that. You take nothing for granted. 70% of the voters in the district said they wanted to Democrat on and that was clear. When you look at the performance of the board, the current board, I think it screams out for change. It screams out for a different direction for a new point of view and perspective. That's what our campaign represents. There is a clear choice you can continue the status quo or go in a new direction. The voters are clear that they are ready to go in the new direction.

>>> You faced Bonnie Dumannis and you will face Oregon in November. Does that experience change about how you plan to run against Bonnie Dumanis?
>> No. I think what is clear is the stakes in the choice. We have a track record of leading and fighting and delivering results to get things done. There are 30 other pieces of legislation tackling homeless youth, when you put that track record of success in the legislature combined with efforts we have done to help our veterans with mental health services and we put that to work in the County, that actually invests in the lives of San Diegan's and points us in a more progressive direction, I think that is a campaign voters will embrace.

>>> I have been speaking with Nathan Fletcher who moves onto the November runoff first San Diego County supervisor in district 4.

>>> Joining me now is Bonnie Dumanis who secured second place in the district for supervisor race. Welcome to the show. Are you satisfied with the showing of the primary? Were you expecting big numbers?
>> I am totally satisfied. Being one of the top two was all we needed to do. Now I am ready to go out and fight the good fight. I say to my opponent, bring it on.

>>> Democrat Nathan Fletcher appears eager to make this a Democrat versus a Republican race in November. You downplayed the fact that you are a primary Republican. Do you think that is a liability in this district.
>> I think we should nonpartisan eyes local politics. We have not in Sacramento, Washington DC, it is divisive. When you are doing potholes, it does not matter, there is not a Democrat or Republican pothole. I think we are Similar with the goals are we want to get accomplished. It is just how we get it accomplished. It will be about experience which I have done locally for a long time in character.

>>> You have run several times in San Diego County for district attorney and have been DA for years. How is this race different?
>> Running for the supervisors position, the whole reason I want to do that is because the issues that I dealt with as a DEA. The issues that you see homelessness, mental health, housing. Because of that experience, I want to take it to a different level where we prevent crime and keep people from going into the system, provide the treatment they need, get people off the streets and treat them with dignity and respect. We also have to solve the housing crisis not only for the homeless but the lower income as well as the middle income, those who are working, police officers, social workers, they need to have affordable housing. Or housing that is affordable.

>>> You faced Nathan Fletcher in 2012 and the San Diego mayor's race. You will face him in November or now through November in the supervisor race. Did you learn anything in the mayors race how you -- that will change how you run against him?
>> I think in retrospect, the mayors race was not in my will house. This will be a different race because it is my wheelhouse. I have been working with the County, not as member of supervisors which he would like to paint me as, but as an independent elected official that learn to work with the supervisors to create new programs and actually accomplish these programs like veterans court, homeless court, all the different programs, drug court. I want everyone to have an opportunity for a second chance or to really get the services they need. We have an obligation to do that. And using the county's unrestricted unreserved funds as well as mental health funds. I think we can do it.

>>> I had been speaking to district for candidate Bonnie Dumanis. Thank you, Bonnie.
>> Thank you.

>>> In the San Diego County supervisor District 5 seat, despite predictions, Jim Desmond that win the race out right in the primary, it looks like he's heading to a runoff. His Lee challenger is Michelle Gomez. She is followed by Oceanside Councilman Jerry Kern. Joining us to discuss the races Jade Hyman. Welcome, Jade. Now, we asked top vote getter Jim Desmond if he was surprised about the outcome of the race. Here's what he said.
>> I was not surprised. I was disappointed that that was four of us in the race. For one to get over 50% with four in the races a long shot.

>>> How close is the race for second in district 5 ?
>> it is pretty close. Right now Gomez has 22%, Kern has 20%. It is still anyone's race.

>>> How would that be expected to change as results continue to come in?
>> There are thousands more results expected to come in. While Gomez is expected to get it you don't know until the last vote is counted.

>>> District 5 is known as a solid Republican district so it is surprising that Democrat Michelle Gomez may be on the ballot in November. Here is Gomez talking about her goals in the race.
>> I think I'm the best person to represent District 5 because we have a whole group of people here who are looking for change. They are looking for someone who understands working families, their struggles, and somebody who is going to be working on their behalf. I truly believe that we are ready for change. I am the face of that change.

>>> What are some of the main differences between the top two candidates in the race?
>> San Marco's Mayor Jim Desmond is a Republican in line with the current board. He agrees with their stance on the County's reserves, recreational marijuana dispensaries and the sanctuary laws. Where is Michelle Gomez is a different choice. One of the ways they are different is the land-use where they intend to build more affordable housing and things like that. Desmond is not opposed to building out in unincorporated areas as to where Gomez supports the County's general plan that once put new housing development in the western part of the unincorporated areas of the county and a proponent of public transit options, she was against Trumps lawsuit and calls it appalling. She wants use a budget surplus to fill understaffed county positions. Different candidates.

>>> And Mr. Koelzer here's another instance where district 5 liens Republican and has been under Bill Horn for 25 years. Does the district have a chance for a Democrat this year ?
>> I would be surprised. That is why you have to run elections. This is a district where it would be one of the big political upsets of the year if the system desk at the district elected the Democrat.

>>> Jade Heineman thank you so much. Mr. Koelzer, We will be back. Coming up a surprisingly close race shaping up in San Diego district number four. Plus they look toward November. You are listening to KPBS Midday Edition.

>>> This is Midday Edition primary election Roundup . I am Maureen Cavanaugh and I am joined by political sciences bad Koelzer. San Diego city Council primary had at least once a price. On the city Council the even-numbered districts are up for reelection this year. Districts two and six were one of the primary handled by Lori Zappa and Chris Kate. But in comment Myrtle Cole seem to just barely hung onto the top spot in district for. At last check, Cole had 39% of the votes counted and hurt closest competitor Monica Montgomery had 37%. Those two were separated by only about 150 votes. My question to you is how surprising is it that an incumbent Councilmember is facing such a challenge?
>> This is a wake-up call for Council President Myrtle Cole who received the Democratic Party's endorsement who outraised her opponent and who should've skated through this as an incumbent. This is a race everyone will watch in November. It will send a clear message that Monica Montgomery is a very viable challenger that could unseat Myrtle Cole.

>>> What do you think voters are responding to ?
>> I think in this area a lot of the question has been is Councilmember called spending enough time in her district. Issue doing the things politicians need to do to stay in touch with their voters. I think she has been a leader in downtown. I think she needs to make sure she stays engage with her voters. This is a signal that something is not working perfectly and that reputational relationship.

>>> The district 8 winner Vivian Marino who works for Alvarez who is the turnout incumbent in the eighth seed, Antonio Martinez is running second at 29%, community activist Christian Ramirez has 23%. When we spoke to these candidates before the election, they did not seem to differ measurably on the issues. Looking ahead to November, Thad Kauzer, how can to similar candidates set themselves apart enough to win.

>>> I think this race had two very strong candidates who each had backing. I think as David Alvarez staffer, Vivian Marino had a head start in the race to replace him in the city Council district where he remains popular. I think she needs to get her message and her fundraising out. As a local officeholder, Antonio Martinez also has a good shot. I think any strongly Democratic district, they have the same demographic race, political base, they have to get their individual stories and qualifications out to voters.

>>> Even though these are nonpartisan races technically, you came to my next question and that because these races don't seem to be changing the political makeup of the city Council in any way. Am I right about that?
>> You see both Republican incumbents holding strong and both of the other seats looking strongly Democratic. You don't see a big shakeup. The only possible sign for pickup is Lori Zafft for public -- Republican in comment vessel incumbent. That can open the door for Jennifer Campbell who is a retired doctor and maybe a some campaign funders smell blood, they might see what they could do to flip the seat. That is the only area political transition I'm seeing in the city.

>>> Because these are San Diego city races, the top two seats in districts two, four, six, eight will all be back in November.

>>> Political scientists Thad Kauzer remains with me as we look ahead to what is coming up in November. Look into your crystal ball. Do you think the relatively low turnout in yesterday's primary gave Republicans an advantage?
>> This was a pretty Democratic electorate for an off your primary. Republicans are always competing on home turf because Republicans turn out more in primaries. It did not seem to change the swing and other races. Republicans will try to held on Delta -- hold on to what they did. They will be a lot more successful than they were yesterday. We will have interesting initiative races that could burn some turnouts for November.

>>> Would it be an advantage what the Republicans don't have a November? Does that mean that more people will go to the polls in November?
>> November will have a broader electorate. Many parts of the Democratic base our people who are not as engaged in politics on a daily basis as a political science professor is. He will see young voters turn out high levels in November. You will see a more diverse set of voters in that electorate in November. That will all favor the Democrats. I think November is the time word everyone in the country will talk about the referendum on president donald trump. That could spur some Republican turnout. I think that will be the Democrats best chance for a turnout.

>>> Speaking about that, the 49th district race looks like a battle between Republican Diane Harkey and Democrat Mike Levin. What will you watch for in that race?
>> This will be the number one chance for a Democratic pickup in the state of California. It is the only district in the contested congressional districts that yesterday had a majority of voters cast a ballot for one of the Democrats. If you add up all of those four Democrats, you will get slightly above 50%. You will see a flood of national money coming to this district. If you think you are sick of political commercials about this congressional district right now, what to you see what we will see in November. It will be a multimillion dollar battle.

>>> The primary generated a huge amount of fundraising. Outside donations for races like the 49th congressional seat even the San Diego County DA saw a lot of donations. Do you expect the kind of spending to continue in California politics this November?
>> Absolutely. The stakes will be so high with controlled Congress being at stake in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles. You will see a lot of national money flooding through in California. I think what was surprising is the candidates who generated their own money, the self key -- funded candidates did not do very well. Sarah Jacobs has not progressed, Paul Kern spent about $40,000 of his own money to get slightly above 5000 votes. We are seeing the skepticism of self-funded candidates in the candidates who had the appeal to raise money have been the candidates who can get votes.

>>> I want to give my big fake to Thad Kauzer you see science professor for joining me during this primary Roundup. Thank you. we will talk more heading into November.
>> I look forward to it. Thank you for having me.