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Mapping The Vote In San Diego’s Key 2018 Primary Races

June 7, 2018 1:32 p.m.


Jill Castellano, inewsource investigative reporter

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>>Many of us are breathing a sigh of relief now that the primary elections are over and we know who will be fighting it out for elected office in November. Behind the scenes millions of dollars are being spent on those primary campaigns and always useful to look at where the money went and how it affected winners and losers and what that means for November. Joining us is Jill Castellano reported with KPBS partner I new source. Thank you for being with us.
>> Thanks.
>> One of the most contentious races the race for California 49th Congressional District one of the most competitive, 16 candidates. How might money have influenced the results?
>> Right, this is a really interesting race and part of what is interesting is that the two early favorites in this race another of them made it through to the general election and Rocky Chavez Republican and Doug Applegate, Democrat kind of consider the early leads but the money shows us how much this race has evolved. Rocky Chavez only managed to raise about $230,000 for his campaign. And overtime outside groups spent $1.80 million opposing him. The vast majority of the message that people were getting about Rocky Chavez were negative ads. And that allowed another republic, Diane Harkey and, to swoop in and capture the Republican votes in this race. She had the highest vote total with about 25 percent of the vote. Like leaven, environmental attorney managed to get second place on the ticket. He raise $1.7 million which is the top fundraiser, if you do not count personal donations. What might happen in the fall is that the different democratic groups, they might kind of coalesce around Mike leaven and all these groups that have been fundraising to support the various democratic candidates on the ticket might all come out and support Mike leaven which means it could be an uphill battle for Diane Harkey.
>> Looking at the 50th Congressional race where Democratic challenger in our company Jarl -- where Ammar Campa-Najjar raise the most money but Hunter finished first by are wide margin what happened there?
>> I think the take away there is the money just did not pull it off for Ammar Campa-Najjar but still the ticket has a chance but only got about 60 percent of the vote compared to Hunter. But that will be discouraging to national groups who might fund his campaign and might think he doesn't really have a much or as much of a shot as they originally thought even though Duncan Hunter has been admired by this assessment has been marred by this FBI investigation and the results indicate there was still 42 percent Republicans in this district compared to 20 percent of Democrats and maybe doesn't matter that much.
>> Big one big race between Republican money to Moniz and Democrat Nathan Fletcher, millions of dollars spent in that race to replace Ron Roberts what can we expect to see in the fall?
>> Right, Nathan Fletcher and Bonnie diminish, close and the vote totals and makes you think this could be really close race for the fall but if you think about it there were three other Democrats running in this race as well and if you kind of capture all of that together, Democrats got 73 percent of the vote so money to menace will have to go out and convince people and she is the Republican in the race and have to go out and convince people you should keep fundraising me and it because will have a shot which will be a little difficult for her and me well we know that Nathan Fletcher will get more and more support from the Democratic Party and he raise $500,000 for his campaign and got an additional 800 $70,000 from the Democratic party hoping to flip this seat and his wife is Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, popular Democrat in the California State assembly so a lot of that money will continue to fund him.
>> Jill Castellano, thank you so much for all that information.
>> Thank you.