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Your Guide To San Diego Fringe 2018

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June 21, 2018 1:35 p.m.


Austin Dean Ashford, "(I)sland (T)rap"

Jordan Hall Campbell and Summer Blinco, "Wicked Wizards"

Nelson Mallè Ndoye, "Italian Horror Stories"

Sophie and Megan, "Cinebra: A History of Horror"

Jacob Surovsky, "Apron Goldswift's Alien Cabaret"

Toa Paranihi and Connor Masseurs, "Blueprint"

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>>> You are listening to KPBS Midday Edition . I am Allison St. John and for Maureen Cavanaugh. There is a six-year kickoff of eyeball busting shows coming up. We have spoken with Artis of San Diego and around the globe to and decided to let them introduce themselves and talk about their shows to give you the taste of the diversity of the French -- fringe.
>> My name is Austin D Ashford. I have a show called Ilan Trap the -- Ilan trap. The epic remix homage. What I love about island trap is it takes the idea of the island and it takes that piece of the serenity that everybody loves and everybody wants. It talks about the trueness and chaos of society now. We live in a lot of violence which people called the trap and it meshes them together in the irony of the island trap. A lot of people don't know the narratives of young black males and how we are not considered fragile at times and bring that mix together with historical text. I think it is a bit of something for San Diego to experience. I am honored to be here because this is my first fringe ever. I am honored to be here and share island trap. There's a reason why there is parentheses around the I and wrap. I don't think a lot of people no. A lot of people know what rhythm and blues is. A lot of it will do not know that the acronym for Wrap is rhythm and poetry. With island wrap is a lot of rhythm and poetic. Is somebody want to see Hamilton in a raw form from one person in an island, then you can get and what island trap. Or I can play something else that other people like. Either way, I hope that people have the time to come to the Bristol and hang out with me .
>> I am Jordan Hall Campbell and summer -- we are the cofounders of Summer tights tourney company. Our show this year is called wicked wizards. Is a mashup of all seven Harry powder -- Potter book with the score wicked. We started doing this in 2014. Edits when we debuted this show called the Medusa's tale a radio show brought to the stage a last-minute idea with us in a group of friends. We love to the community that fringe fostered around the Artis a lot of artists coming together showing different types of art, news on life, and we loved expensing that. We keep trying to come up with new and interesting things and coming up every year .
>> my name is Nelson, I am a member of the grand -- in Milan. But we are presenting here at the San Diego fringe Festival. Is the San Diego stories. To the show we will show how we link some of the most notorious Gothic literature monsters to the Italian paths. So the -- is a -- that was born in France at the very beginning of the last century. Everything that was violent, grotesque, it was put on stage as to exercise the fear of the population. We use this theater to bring out the inner evil of all the people. We know that all the people they are mean. They are just suffocating their mean. They are being mean because of social norms. We let them cut loose during the show. We let them free to screen for instance we involve them and speak to them during the show. We do not limit themselves. There is no narrative between the public and performer. What we do is peculiar. We don't have a specific type of festival except for the fringe that allows us to go a bit beyond the common way of doing theater. So the fringe allows us to be a little bit more open and who express ourselves at our best.
>> Hello my name is Sophie. I am Meghan. And we do -- we are here for San Diego fringe. We do what is called -- the history of horror and a history of horror movies and stuff. We thought why not organize a super educational seminar to show everyone just how much we love horror movies. Not just horror movies, we love all movies.
>> We wanted to touch on Hollywood Park because of the political climate .
>> yes the revolt Warren QUESTIONABLE -- as well as political unrest and global display are's -- despairs and the denying of the greenhouse effect. We wanted to show that although the world is a scary place, we as human beings would like to exploit the irrational extensional fears by watching a group get defeated by something so terrible and horrifying to satisfy the need for survival. We made a lovely keynote presentation for you all. Features all of the fun facts of our spooky stories as well as some songs that we roped together.
>> And maybe even a scare or two .
>> you can catch us at the -- theater starting on the 23rd. And some other dates as well.
>> See you there .
>> my name is David Zebrowski. I am the producer for ellipsoid players. And our show this year is alien cabaret and intergalactic musical review in which aliens and robots and humans bringing -- beaming down. This is my fifth year performing or creating performance for the fringe festival. I started in 2014 with we three a performance group and then I went into performing place. -- Per -- producing play. I started plays when I was 16. A start of that was sort of idolized to in that circuit. Unlike the kid who ran into a boxcar and learned how to juggle and swallowing swords. I got that expense inadvertently.
>> Hello we are thawed. We came from the fringe festival. We came to the San Diego fringe festival. The show is pretty much an animated version of to artist making a piece of art. There are ups and downs of creativity. This is going to be good. This is really cool, no this is horrible. It is just the whole creative process.

>>> San Diego international fringe against today at 4 PM and continues through July 1 at multiple locations. Go to our website for more information. You are listening to KPBS Midday Edition .