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San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Music, Old Hollywood And Monsters, Too!

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September 28, 2018 1:37 p.m.

San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Music, Old Hollywood And Monsters, Too!


Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

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This is Cape PBS midday edition. Maureen Cavanaugh one of the best free attractions of the season takes place along Adams Avenue this weekend. Prepare to be entertained. Joining me is Nina Guerin K PBS arts calendar editor. Nina welcome. Hello. There are so many street fairs in a city like San Diego. Why did you want to highlight the Adams Avenue Street Fair.

Yes there are a lot of street fairs. Probably one every weekend with our weather. And you know there you get vendors and rides and foods. But this specific one it has all that but it's main spirit is in the music. There are six stages along Adams Avenue and there's music playing all day. What kind of music will people here. Well that's the best part of this. It's all different kinds of genres. The majority is local. You get singer songwriters pop punk jazz all of all of all of the kinds of music. And I think it's one of the best ways to kind of explore what's going on in the San Diego music community.

So there are dozens of bands. What are your recommendations.

OK. So I just talked about local but the headliner is from the UK. Her name is Holly Cooke and she blends pop and vintage reggae and a fun thing about her is that her dad is Paul Cook who is the drummer and the Sex Pistols and her mom is Jenny Cook who's the backup singer and Culture Club and her godfather is boy George.

So she's like yo New Wave royalty pedigree. Let's listen to Holly cook. This is survive. Now. You also mentioned local talent is there a band in particular there you recommend.

Yeah the Sunday headliners named Boulevard this guy dika. And they're a blend of all the Southern California sounds there's Latin and reggae and jazz and soul and they have a lot of band members. So you see a ton of different instruments onstage and it's just always a visually stimulating show and they're going to play at sunset on the group stage which is really ideal to see them you know in this atmosphere.

Here's Boulevard's Scott it goes. Mutsuko De La Chi. Chi. Chi. Chi. Chi. And in addition to the great music this being a street fair I guess we can assume there'll be food and beer.

Yes of course there's going to be actually a craft beer taste that is 20 dollars in advance or twenty five dollars the day of. And you can go in and try all the craft beers and we have a lot of them here. There's also vendors and food and the restaurants along Adams Avenue too and one another funny thing about this one is that there's carnival rides the Adams Avenue Street Fair happens Saturday and Sunday in Normal Heights.

Now before you go you wanted to mention a show called Hollywood and Vine. What is that.

That's a show by the California rhythm project and their mission is to preserve the art of tap dance. This show is going to take favorite movie tap numbers by people like Fred Astaire Gene Kelly Bill Bojangles Robinson and they're going to be translated on the stage. So are these tap dancers professionals. Yes actually they're professional dancers in San Diego. They dance all over the place but they are great at tap for this particular performance. It's a benefit for creative performing media art school and so it's going to feature some of their students in the show.

And where is creative performing Media Arts School located.

That is a great performing arts school located in Claremont and they have a wonderful theater and that's they have top notch things.

I've seen several shows there and they're always amazing Hollywood and Vine plays Saturday and Sunday at creative performing media arts school. I've been speaking with PBS arts calendar editor Nina Gaire. Nina thank you. Thank you.