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San Diego County Registrar Allows Residents to Easily Find Their Polling Place

November 6, 2018 3:51 p.m.

San Diego County Registrar Allows Residents to Easily Find Their Polling Place


Michael Vu, San Diego County Registrar of Voters

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San Diego County Registrar Allows Residents to Easily Find Their Polling Place

How soon will we know the results of some of the counties close races. And will today's lines at the polls be as long as our election ballots. Joining us with some answers to these and other election day questions is Michael Vu San Diego County register of voters and Michael welcome to the program. Thanks for having me again and thank you for doing this on what I know is a very busy day for you now on NPR. We just heard about some problems at the polls across the country and the problems or glitches at the polls here in San Diego for the most part everything has been smooth is really a smooth going this morning General.

We are monitoring everything that's going on every one of the fifteen hundred forty two voting precincts that we have out there. But relatively smooth overall.

What does the voting look like at the County Registrar of Voters office right now.

It is tremendously busy. A number of individuals are coming onto our campus to conditionally register and vote. Same day it's the second time that it's been offered for a statewide election the first time being in June. And so a number of individuals are registering and voting same day.

What have you heard about lines around the county and other polling places.

I hear that it's a robust turnout at the various precincts. One of the things that we're also seeing is a number of our mail yellow mail ballot bags coming back to us from the polls full of mail ballots and that's one of the things I had anticipated as of last night we had 470000 mail ballots that had been returned and in our possession and we sent out one point two million. So what that told me is that many voters were holding that mail ballot into their hands and most likely were going to drop it off at the polling place.

And today it looks like that's what's occurring.

Do you have any predictions yet about voter turnout here in San Diego.

I'm anticipating anywhere from a 64 to 68 percent turnout. The last open gubernatorial election that we had back in 2010 was a 64 percent turnout. And certainly this is an open gubernatorial general election. And and certainly there's been a lot of national discussion but there's also been a lot of local discussion on all the different contests are on the ballot.

If lines are long at a polling station that you're atch and you're waiting. Do you have any advice to help voters speed the process along.

Yes there are a couple of recommendations that I would give. First of all voters should know that they haven't assigned the polling location to go to if you have any questions about where your polling location is. Go to Estey vote dot com and there they look up feature there. Look at the back of your sample ballot pamphlet where it's preprinted on your back the back of that pamphlet to get your assigned polling location. And secondly is if you have that sample ballot pamphlet market it in advance of going to the polling place.

It is a long ballot as you had mentioned and as opposed to doing the homework as well as looking at what selections you're going to make inside the voting booth. Make sure you're doing that in advance of going to the polling location today.

Is there any sort of typical slow time at the polls if voters might be able to take advantage of it typically in between the off hour so morning hours. Are you going to go after morning hours after the noon hour and then certainly not before after hours that that's when people are going off of work and then they're going to head straight to the polling place.

No wonder the polls. And when do the polls close.

8:00 p.m. So anyone that is standing in line if there is a line anyone standing in line at 8:00 p.m. will be served and we'll be able to cast a ballot.

Now voters may have questions about how safe and secure their vote is what safeguards are in place.

There are a number of safeguards. Not only from a chain of custody perspective everything that the poll workers have to fill out how many ballots did we issue to the poll workers how many ballots to the voters issue that during the life of that 13 hour window of voting that occurs. We conduct what is known as a public logic and actually test which is a test that occurs before running live ballots through the system to ensure that is actually counting the votes. We run a post election test as well. We do things like a 1 percent manual tally where we take 1 percent of the voting ballots in the election from election night and mail and manually tally those across the precincts as well as the mail ballots across all those respective contests.

One percent of that to ensure that what the system is counting matches what we counted the system had counted. And finally a couple of security mechanisms is what we vote on paper. That's number one and number two is we're not connected to the Internet. So no chance of hacking no chance of hacking because it is not connected to the Internet. The only access is physical access of which we have specific individuals with only access to the room where we count the votes.

Now Michael I read you expect results to come in a little later than usual tonight. Why is that.

Well we have a two card ballot. As you described as not only do the lengthy ballots sitting on two cars so in effect we were conducting two gubernatorial elections in one. And so that's going to take time for the poll workers to close out their precinct to address how many cards were issued and do all the accounting before they close it out. And certainly particularly if there is a line all voters are going to be served up until that 8:00 p.m. and anyone standing will be served but they need to close out that precinct.

All of it needs to then make its way back here at the Registrar of Voters office where we'll have about 500 individuals being able to process and scan in those ballots. But again it's two cards that's going to take the amount of time.

Well we'll be waiting. I've been speaking with Michael Vick San Diego County Registrar of Voters once again. Michael thank you for your time. Thank you so much. Went. Round. And. Round. And.