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San Diego's Top Weekend Events: A Look To 2019

December 21, 2018 1:37 p.m.

San Diego's Top Weekend Events: A look to 2019 | GUEST: Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

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I'm Maureen Cavanagh. This time of year everyone is talking about the best and biggest things that happened in the last 12 months. But instead of repeating the events of 2018 we thought we'd look ahead to some of the most anticipated arts events coming up in 2019 from concerts to art exhibitions. Hey PBS arts calendar editor Nina Gueron is here with a preview. Hello. Hi Nina. Happy almost New Year. Yes well OK so there is a lot to look forward to in 2019. Where should we start.

Let's start with theater where a theater town and there's a show opening scene that people around the world have been anticipating for a long time which is Diana the new musical about the life of Princess Diana.

Now that's having its world premiere at the La Jolla Playhouse. Do we know much about it yet.

Yes. The book and lyrics are by Joe DePietro music and lyrics by David Bryan. Those are the writers behind the Tony winning musical Memphis Diana will be played by the Broadway actress Gina de Waal. She was in Kinky Boots and American Idiot and I know that the music is kind of a more 80s rock than the kind of traditional musicals kind of music.

So here's a big question why is it opening here.

Well La Jolla Playhouse now has a reputation of sending shows to Broadway. And this show's going to be directed by Christopher Ashley who is from the La Jolla Playhouse and he won a Tony for directing come from away. And that so is done quite well and they're hoping the same with Diana and that show is actually already extended through April 7th.

Wow. So what about the Old Globe is there something you're looking forward to from them in the New Year.

I'm actually excited about their summer season and in particular Romeo and Juliet. Directed by Barry Edelstein. And I know you think Romeo and Juliet you think like a high school drama Barry is one of the country's best Shakespeare experts and to have him direct the show should be really special.

All right so those are the bigger theaters the Old Globe La Jolla Playhouse.

What's happening in the smaller venues Cygnet theater is doing Angels in America which was just done in New York and had a lot of acclaim here it's going to be directed by Sean Murphy. And that's in March and in the summer moonlight amphitheater will be putting on West Side Story.

So since you brought up West Side Story always a good time to take a listen to some music from that musical. This is America from the 1961 movie.

Here you are and you have time.

I mean how many organized crime scene in London right now.

OK so let's move on to concerts. There are some big names coming here in 2019.

Yes Paul McCartney is coming from Paul to Sorry Sir Paul McCartney. He returns to San Diego for a second concert at Petco Park that's in June and tickets just went on sale. I looked at the setlist from his show in 2014 and it's awesome it's a mix of Beatles Wings and his solo material. And then also returning is Justin Timberlake. He has a man in the woods tour in February. This show is more like acoustic. Justin Timberlake. But of course because he's such a show man you will have your dancers in costumes and projections and everything you'd expect.

Let's listen to Justin Timberlake. This is one of his latest songs midnights summer jam.


So that's Justin Timberlake. You're also excited though about massive attack.

Tell us more. Massive Attack is a 1990s electronic band and they were one of the pioneers of the kinds of electronic music we hear today. It's like a blend of electronica jazz and hip hop music. They're having a reunion concert to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album melamine.

Well since you mentioned it let's listen to a song from mezzanine.

This is teardrop and let me mention that that singer is from the band The Cocteau Twins and they will be performing at the show too.

So it's very likely that you'll get the original version of Islam OK. What about classical music next year 2019 is a big year. It's when ratified by yet it takes over as the music director of the San Diego Symphony. There's a lot of anticipation about that. He's an exciting young conductor. He's working all around the world and he begins January 10th with a concert of Mozart and Tchaikovsky. It's also the year when La Jolla Music Society opens its new concert hall in downtown La Hoya. It's called the Conrad and it's been under construction for a long time and that's scheduled to open in April.

We covered music and theater. What should we anticipate in the visual arts.

In May the San Diego Museum of Art is going to have art in the Empire. The Golden Age of Spain which is the first U.S. exhibition to kind of expand on the golden age of Spain by including art from other Spanish controlled areas like Mexico Lima and the Philippines. And that art is from 15 50 to 1750 so there's a lot to look forward to.

And I've been speaking with PBS arts calendar editor Nina Garenne. Thank you very much Nina. Enjoy the holidays. Thank you.