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Rad Scientist: The Sequel (Trailer for Season 2)

January 18, 2019 3:45 p.m.

We are back for a second season with 10 rad episodes about armpits, astronomy, ambition, animals, agriculture – and those are just the subject matters starting with the letter 'a.'

New episodes of the show are coming your way starting Jan. 30.

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I want to be astronauts. Astronauts. You. Yeah. Yes. So what do you want to study? Astronomy. Of course.

Hello, it's Margot Wohl of Rad Scientists getting schooled by some feature brainiacs. I'm here to tell you that new episodes of the show are coming your way starting January 30th.

Season two is full of Rad scientists. I mean, I guess if it wasn't, I'd have to change the name and then. Anyways. Here are some things you can expect from season two: strange sounds...that sounded like someone talking. Things you wish you hadn't learned. You can have more bacteria in your armpits. Exciting moments and science realness. This whole journey in pursuing the truth in science is a rollercoaster ride and you can't always be on top.

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