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San Diego's Top Weekend Arts Events: From Dance To Cabaret

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February 1, 2019 10:58 a.m.

GUEST: Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

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OK. If you're a football fan you already know what you are doing this Super Bowl weekend. But that's not the only thing going on on this weekend preview we'll talk about a romantic Cabaret a dance showcase and the return of a popular indie band. Here to give us details is K PBS arts editor Nina Garin. Hi Nina. Hello. It's that time of year for collage dance show. Can you remind us what that is.

Yeah it's an annual presentation by San Diego Civic Dance Arts. That's a program that's run through the city. These are the companies so they're more sophisticated student dancers. And every year they put on this show called collage.

So what kind of dance will people see.

It's a little bit of everything there's a lot of jazz and contemporary but you'll also see some hip hop and tap and musical theater and they do have dances from around the world. They've had Bollywood this year and I think maybe last year they did.

So there are some pretty prestigious choreographers attached to this right.

There are. This year they have Mia Michaels. She came to town and choreographed a piece for the group. She is a judge on So You Think You Can Dance and then Michael Ms Raimi is very popular in San Diego and he has a dance this year. And in the past they've done other pieces by well-known contemporary choreographers as well as by heavier Velasco a local favorite.

Why do you love this show so much.

I do love the show I talk about it all the time and I think it's because you get to see a diverse range of dances in one place which is really unique because usually when you go to a show you're just seeing contemporary or just ballet or just hip hop. So here you see all of them and the dancers are so dedicated. They perform like professionals and it's a very inclusive show.

There's all ages all body types and all ethnicities collage opens this weekend at Bell ballparks Costa del Prado theater and continues weekends through February 17th over at Moonlight amphitheatre. They're getting into the spirit of Valentine's Day just a little bit early.

Yes they have a really sweet show called Kiss and Tell. It's a cabaret that features real life San Diego theater couples and they're going to be performing Broadway songs and music for movies.

Does San Diego have enough theatrical couples for a show like this.

I recently found out that there are so many theatrical couples but not not all of them are included in the show. There's couples to spare. There are some local favorites like Brian and Katie Banville Lance Arthur Smith and Colleen Keller Smith Katie Sapper and Charlie Gaines. Two will be done via satellite. Steve Glo Demi and his wife Betty Malone Betsy's working in Palm Springs. So she's going to perform with him on a TV screen. And Gino and Nancy Carr. Gino is of course in New York still performing on Broadway's come from away.

And so he'll sing with Nancy also on a television are all of these performances duets. No they're not. They're also some romantic songs and they're gonna be telling stories about what it's like to share a stage with your significant other.

Let's listen to one of these romantic theater songs. This is I've got a crush on you from the 2012 Broadway version. But in San Diego it will be performed by Katy Sapper when. Sure. Good. With.

So much.

Kiss and Tell happens tonight at Club M moonlight amphitheater.

Now the band curse of returns to San Diego remind us who they are.

This is a band that came from Omaha's emo scene but they've evolved into a kind of a sophisticated band. One thing they did in 2001 is they added a cellist and it really brought a new level to their music. Well how would you describe the band's sound. It's kind of jarring and dark and complicated but there's also something really mysterious and attractive about it it speaks to like some corner of my soul.

OK well let's listen to your soul. This is cursive. This is art is hard. Is.

Now the band recently released a new album. Yes it's called vitriol. It's their first album in six years.

And if you thought that was intense this album channels the political anxiety of today and trying to stay positive around all the chaos around but really not being able to cursive performs tonight at the Kasbah.

I've been speaking with K PBS Arts Editor Nina Garen. Nina thanks for coming in.

Thanks. Have a good weekend and I have to say Go Pats.