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'Return to Treasure Island' At The Festival of Sail

What better place to get a copy of "Return to Treasure Island" signed by author John O'Melveny Woods than amidst the towering tall ships during the San Diego Maritime Musuem's annual Festival of Sail? Catch John in the morning and afternoon at the museum store's booth.

About the book:
Three years after his triumphant return from Treasure Island, Jim Hawkins learns that Long John Silver has been captured and sentenced to hang. Jim’s fateful decision to help Silver propels them into a search for the greatest treasure of all time – The Pharaoh’s Gold!

A cryptic map and secret, puzzling clues lead back to Treasure Island where courage, cunning and mutual trust are the only weapons that can both save Hawkins and Silver from certain death and lead them to the treasure.

Return to Treasure Island, filled with mystery, action, Jim’s newfound love, and codes that you can unravel yourself is the perfect choice for an exciting and fun-filled read, ye scurvy knave!

Location: Maritime Museum, 1492 North Harbor Dr., San Diego, Ca Google Map

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