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W2W – Writers To Watch At The San Diego Central Library: Joshua Rutherford

Joshua Rutherford will speak at at Central Library on Jan. 10, 2016 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.. He will be in the Mary Holis Clark Room on the first floor.

Joshua Rutherford’s debut fantasy novel tells the story of five refugees returning to their homeland after years abroad, only to find it on the verge of invasion. Rich in descriptive detail and full of strong characters, "Sons of Chenia" is an epic adventure of good and evil, triumph and defeat.

Author Biography:
Joshua Rutherford has wanted to be a writer all his life. Through college and the more than dozen jobs that he has had, his passion for the written word has never ceased. After crafting several feature film screenplays and television pilots that were never produced, Joshua tried his hand at writing a novel. Sons of Chenia is the product of that effort. When Joshua is not writing – which isn’t often – he is spending quality time with his wife, Elisa. The two currently reside in San Diego, CA.

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