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'Over the Moon' - A Collaborative Art Project (Open Reception)

Opening Reception for "Over the Moon," a collaborative project by San Diego Book Arts.

Haiku Reading by Diane Gage
Exhibit of 40 original art pages inspired by Moon Haiku of Diane Gage, plus handmade artist books displaying reproductions of these art pages.

Exhibit is ongoing from July 5 to Sept. 30, 2016

“Over the Moon” is a collaborative art project created by 40 artist participants from San Diego Book Arts. This is a significant project because it is multi-faceted and has attracted the enthusiasm of 40 dedicated artist participants.

The artists have not only created their original artwork, but also made individual hand bound art books based on high-quality reproductions of the originals. The artwork is inspired by a poem contributed by the SDBA’s artist in residence, Diane Gage, and forms the theme for a diverse body of work.

The project is unique in its concept and evolution – the contributing artists have worked together to create the group exhibit, and have participated in several workshops to enrich their artistic repertoire, create opportunities for working together, form new connections, and further enhance a sense of community among SDBA members. This has resulted in a collaborative project that showcases group as a whole while highlighting the unique contributions of each individual artist.

The Project consists of several elements:
1) 40 pages of original artwork (15” x20” each) created by SDBA’s participating artists. These pages will hang on the walls of the gallery space. The artwork was inspired by a series of Moon Haiku written by our own SDBA poet in residence, Diage Gage. The Haiku will also be featured.

2) Original Book Art Structures created by the same artists, with each book featuring photographs of the original artwork described above. Professional photographs of the original artwork were reduced to half size and printed on high-quality 12“x18” paper. Each artist received a complete set of prints to create their own Book Structure.

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