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5th Annual Craft Beer Festival

A beer festival in an un-paralleled historical location right on San Diego Bay. Let your taste buds experience various craft beer vendors while you enjoy live music. Curb your hunger with assorted food vendors on site.

About the breweries:

Longship Brewery: We strive to seek out daring and bold ingredients and style combinations. Pushing the limits in order to create uniquely strong, smooth flavors with fearless determination for quality and variety. Join us on our journey as we at Longship Brewery sail into the foamy unknown.

Second Chance Beer Company: Second Chance is our ultimate expression of opportunity–we may not all get one, but if you do, seize it! Every day we’re reminded how lucky we are to breathe, live and love beer... after all, our Co-founder and Brewmaster has been brewing in San Diego, the epicenter of our craft, for over 16 years. If that isn’t good fortune, we don’t know what is. Share some with us.

Washington Gold Cider: We’ve been growing the best apples in the world on our small family farm in Washington state for over 40 years. Generations have been raised under the shade of our family’s orchard, big hands and little hands working together come harvest time. Young and old selling apples out of the back of our old pickup truck. The family dog running along rows of trees heavy with fruit. And now crisp, refreshing hard cider handcrafted in our historic apple packing shed using fresh-pressed local apples.

Kombucha Culture: Kombucha Culture was founded and meticulously perfected by highly skilled scientists and cultural creatives. The founders, Eric Mathur, Adi Ramon and Noel Brady, with their passion for healthy living, locally grown foods and craft fermentation, strive to bring you a truly unique and uplifting experience that begs for more.

2Kids Brewing: 2Kids Brewing was founded in 2013 by Rob and Sam Dufau – Two kids who love beer and couldn’t stand to be doing anything else in the world. This dyanamic husband and wife duo began homebrewing in 2009 and quickly fell head over heels for their new hobby. In 2013, they took the plunge and turned their love for craft beer into a career, opening 2kids Brewery and Tasting Room in Miramar. Rob’s education and background in Molecular Biology and Sam’s incredible sense of humor and creativity come together brilliantly in all of their brews.

Mike Hess Beer: Mike Hess Brewing is one of the premier craft breweries in San Diego, a destination for aspiring small craft breweries as well as local craft beer fans and tourists alike. From humble beginnings, Mike Hess Brewing has grown to include three locations in San Diego, the original “nano” in the Miramar area of San Diego, our showcase, production brewery in the mid-town area of San Diego, North Park and our satellite tasting room near the water in Ocean Beach.

Dates and times of events are subject to change without notice. Always check the event organizer's website for the most updated schedule before attending.

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