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'Musical Paella'

On Sunday August 12, from 2 - 5 p.m., the Pacific Lyric Association (PLA) will present their signature Musical Paella at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido.

PLA is the embodyment of dedication and hard work that come with passion: for music, for art in general, for the craft, for each other, and for the enlightment of the soul. Sets are constructed, costumes created -all well-designed and magnificent. The performances are intimate with a combination of talent and conversational narration that is witty and engaging.

This group awes, and then there is the food! Musical Paella is worth a try!

At 2 p.m. a late lunch of tapas, including paella, will be offered for sale in the theater lobby. At 3 p.m. guests will move to the theater for the "Musical Paella" with selections from Offenbach, Lloyd Weber, Bernstein, Bizet and Verdi, performed by professional singers, including Dr. Carlos Oliva and Teresa Oliva.

This performance will raise funds for PLA’s community opera productions and music educational activities. The singers are donating their time and talent.

Tickets are $60 pp -seniors and students $30.

Or you may call 1-800-988-4253 for group discounts.

The Pacific Lyric Association will recognize donors in the program. If you are unable to attend, please consider making a donation of $10 or more through the PLA website at:

Dates and times of events are subject to change without notice. Always check the event organizer's website for the most updated schedule before attending.

Promotional photo for ''Musical Paella'' coming to San Di...

Above: Promotional photo for ''Musical Paella'' coming to San Diego August 12, courtesy of Pacific Lyric Association.


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