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Exploring Ethics: Neuroethics Of Advertising

My Brain Made Me Buy It? The Neuroethics of Advertising

Guest Speaker: Carl Marci, M.D., Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience

- Read Montague,Ph.D., Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute
- Uma R. Karmarkar, Ph.D., University of California San Diego

Moderated by Steve Hyman, M.D., Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute, and INS Past President

The consumer neuroscience industry is entering its second decade and continuing to grow thanks to increased acceptance by advertisers looking to better understand consumers’ preferences and decision making. However, more questions and concerns are being raised as advertising techniques challenge social and ethical boundaries.

Dr. Carl Marci, Chief Neuroscientist at Nielsen, will address the ethical concerns related to consumer neuroscience including issues around privacy, informed consen, and consumer autonomy in decision making. Drs. Read Montague, Tech Carilion Research Institute, and Uma Karmarkar, University of California, San Diego, will further discuss the ethical concerns surrounding attempts to predict consumer behavior.

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