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Author Of The Month: Kate Porter

Kate Porter, is the September, Author of the Month. The topic of her talk is” How a tattered, old book changed my life."

The talk will take place September 1, from 1 - 2:30 p.m. in the Mary Hollis Clark Room.

Kate Porter's historical novel, "Lessons in Disguise" (Konstellation Press), follows the journey of a handcrafted book from its bookbinder in Virginia, 1820, to its final destination with a homeless Vietnam veteran in California, 1975. Through the voices of eight main characters, the destructive influences of prejudice and judgment are shown, along with the power of literacy in bringing understanding and acceptance.

Kate Porter also writes poetry and sells antiquarian books. Kate’s work has been published in Yankee Magazine, a paper in Rhode Island, The Villager, and five anthologies. She is thrilled to meet with readers at events, in classrooms, and in book clubs. Kate is a developmental editor and a 26-year survivor of MS and chronic Lyme Disease. She lives in La Mesa with her husband David and their dog, Basil.

Dates and times of events are subject to change without notice. Always check the event organizer's website for the most updated schedule before attending.

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